University of Miami Sports Fest XXXII

Congratulations to Pearson Residential College!

Men's top 3: PRC Teasippers, Incredibles, Super-Cars
Women's top 3: MT3 Palm Trees, Mahoney Magnets, PT6 Toy Story

Friday's events were scored in accordance with the rain-out policy. 
Video Games - Mario Kart completed two rounds.  5 points awarded for round 1, 10 points for round 2, and 45 points for round 3.
Volleyball completed one round.  5 points awarded for round 1, 10 points for round 2.
Soccer did not complete a round.  All entered teams received 5 points. 

Personal belongings left in the building Friday night can be retrieved from the Pro Shop.

Scoring information is hosted in Microsoft's OneDrive.  Note that Excel online does not auto-refresh.  In your browser, click on the folder in the upper right to move between the different result tabs.  

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Sports Fest began in the Spring Semester of 1986, when the “Honors Residential College” (Hecht) challenged “The Residential College” (Stanford) to a sporting contest. As additional residential colleges were added they were invited to participate. The focus of the event has been and remains building community within and between the residential colleges at the University of Miami. Past Champs:

1986 - Hecht    1987 - Hecht     1988 - Hecht     1989 - Hecht     1990 - Eaton     1991 - Eaton     1992 - Stanford     1993 - Eaton     1994 - Stanford     1995 - Stanford     1996 - Stanford

1997 - Stanford     1998 - Stanford     1999 - Stanford     2000 - Stanford     2001 - Stanford     2002 - Hecht      2003 - Hecht      2004 - Hecht      2005 - Hecht     2006 - Hecht

2007- Hecht     2008 - Hecht     2009 - Hecht    2010 - Hecht     2011 - Stanford     2012-Stanford     2013-Stanford    2014-University Village    2015-Hecht    2016-Stanford    2017-Pearson