Crafting Plugin v2.4 - 15/Apr/2014 (download) - This plugin will inspect and sort all your crafting scraps and components as well as provide a list of possible crafts available with your current materials.

Unzip into your UMC's plugin directory to install.

#VAR SalvageContainers {1-10.explorer,1-5.rucksack}


#GETSCRAPS <count> <material> // #GETS 5 mithril

#GETCOMPONENTS <count> <material> // #GETC 2 amethyst

Screenshots - [Components Tab] [Trading with Gerahf]

Invasion Plugin v1.1 (download) - Displays invasion timing information.


Path Builder v1.0 (download)

#MOVE <direction|undo|clear>
#SAVEPATH <filename>

For general use set your movement hotkeys to use the #MOVE <direction> command or configure movement aliases.  Ex, #ALIAS {west} {#MOVE west}

If you need to undo a move you can use #MOVE undo.  This will remove the last move from the saved path as well as send the reverse movement direction to the mud.

MP3 Plugin v1.0 (download) - Plays MP3 files via #PLAYMP3 command.

To install a plugin unzip into the \umc\plugins directory. It should be in its own subdirectory.