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Welcome to the MU Chess Club!

The MU Chess Club welcomes anyone in the Columbia, Missouri community to participate in our activities. The club was formed in April 1996 by Yves Tan, in response to community interest. It is an officially recognized University of Missouri student organization. Our activities include:

  • Tournaments
  • Informal play
  • Instruction and discussion of chess tactics
  • Promoting chess in the community

Anyone is welcome at these events. There is a wide range of skill levels in Columbia, from beginners to chess masters, and it is our goal to meet the needs of all. Membership is open to members of the Columbia community in addition to students, faculty and staff.

Club Activities and Events

During the school year the MU Chess Club meets every Monday night while school is in session starting at 7:00pm. Meetings for the Fall 2020 semester will resume on August 24 as virtual meetings. Currently, university activities are restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so the club will be meeting on line for informal games and tournaments on the chess Web site To join the on-line MU Chess Club, create a login at . Changes and information about virtual meetings at this site will be announced via email to those on the club electronic mailing list; to add yourself to the list see the Mailing List section below.

Speed Chess Tournaments -- Speed chess tournaments are held each month. Time limits are G/5. Each round consists of two games between paired opponents, one as White, one as Black. Normally 5 rounds are played.

Here are the winners in the speed chess tournaments during the Spring 2020 semester:

February 3: 1st place: Ciprian Comsa; 2nd place: Konstantin Koroliak and Andrew Shattuck (tie).
February 24: 1st place: Ciprian Comsa; 2nd place: Will Drath.   

Here are the winners in the speed chess tournaments during the Fall 2020 semester:

August 27: 1st place: Ciprian Comsa; 2nd place: Will Drath.

Tournaments -- These tournaments are played at the Monday night club meetings.

A Quick Chess tournament was played at club meetings on September 30 and October 7, 2019 with two rounds played at each meeting with a time control of Game/30 minutes.  The winner was Yogesh Raghunathan with a perfect score of 4-0. Ciprian Comsa took second place with a score of 3-0, losing only to Rogesh.

Club Championship

Each year a club championship tournament is played at Monday night club meetings during February and March with a time control of Game/60 minutes per player.  One round is played at each meeting.

In the 2020 championship Andrew Shattuck defeated Ciprian Comsa in a tie-break playoff; the two had tied with scores of 3-1/2.  Fourteen players competed in the tournament.

Here is the honor role of club champions:

Igor Verbitsky - 2002 Isaac Naveh - 2003 Bryan Hynek - 2004 Roberto D'Agosto - 2005
Shan Siddiqi - 2006 Javier Cepeda - 2007 Justin Hull - 2008 Steve Brietzke - 2009
Barry Manthe - 2010 Tamas Mizik - 2011 Ed Hollander - 2012 Igor Verbitsky - 2013
Chris Shelton - 2014 Chris Hassett - 2015
Blake Splitter - 2016
Barry Walker - 2017
Barry Walker - 2018 Ciprian Comsa - 2019
Andrew Shattuck - 2020

Simuls -- The club sponsors two simultaneous exhibitions during the each school year, where a strong player takes on all comers. All chess players in the Columbia area are invited to participate.

In the Spring 2019 simul on April 8, 2019 Neil Fox faced eight opponents; he lost to Ciprian Comsa but defeated all the other players.

In the Fall 2019 simul on November 4, 2019 Neil played nine opponents; he lost to Konstantin Koroliak and Jonathan Cannon and drew with Ciprian Comsa and won the remaining six games.

Community Service -- Each year, club members are involved in helping run the annual Columbia Scholastic Chess Tournament.  The 2020 tournament was held on February 15, 2020 at Lange Junior High School. Club members Charlie Ward, Neil Fox, Justin Roohparvar and Daniel Hawley as well as Justin's father Mohammed served as referees, verifying game results and helping the student players during play as needed. There were 81 scholastic players in the tournament.  Next year's tournament is planned for winter 2021.

Club Officers

President: Ciprian Comsa: cmcww9 (at)
Faculty advisor: Steve Brietzke: brietzkes (at)

Mailing List

Our electronic mailing list MUCHESS-L is used for notices of upcoming club meetings and occasional other announcements of interest to local chessplayers. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to Leave the Subject line blank. In the body of the message, type:

SUBSCRIBE MUCHESS-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

You should receive a confirmation message within a few minutes.

If you are already subcribed to MUCHESS-L and would like to UNsubscribe, send the one-line message UNSUBSCRIBE MUCHESS-L to the same address. (SIGNOFF MUCHESS-L also works.

Future Missouri Chess Events

For information on tournaments scheduled in the next 3-4 months, visit the U.S. Chess Federation Upcoming Tournaments Web page; otherwise see the Tournament Life section of the USCF's Chess Life magazine.

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