Introduction to Computational Linguistics

Ling 409, Fall 2016
Umass Amherst


TuTh 2:30 - 3:45       LGRC A203


Rajesh Bhatt                office hours MF 11-12, N418, ILC
TA: Petr Kusliy           office hours TBA

Address for assignments:


This course is designed to introduce students to computational tools and resources for the formal
study of language.  We will pursue three strands: (i) formal constructs that have been very productive in the
study of language such as regular expressions and context free grammars, (ii) computational resources such
as computational lexicons, wordnets, treebanks, and corpora, and (iii) a computational platform to allow use to
explore the first two strands conveniently. Our discussion of these three strands will be intertwined and
motivated by linguistic questions. 



: Ling 201

Credits: 3 units