About Us

University of Manchester Alumni Association (Hong Kong) is the official alumni association for the University Of Manchester

UMAA(HK) Committees For 2018 - 2020:

Founding President: Mr. William Lam

President: Ms. Gladys Law

Secretary General: Miss Hayley Tsui

Vice President: Dr. Stanley Wong

Vice President: Mr. Albert Lam

Deputy Secretary General: Miss Cubie Chan

Treasurer: Mr. Christian Li

Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Tim Cheung

Membership Officer: Ms. Lilian Chin

Welfare Officer: Miss Halina Cheung

Media Relations Officer: Miss Angela Lai

Mentorship Officer: Mr. KO Tang

Mainland Liaison Officer: Mr. Joe Pang

Hong Kong Liaison Officer: Mr. Desmond Leung

Deputy Liaison Officer: Mr. Sunny Chan

Fresh Grad. and Exchange Students Ambassador: Miss Sharon Leung

Fresh Grad. and Exchange Students Ambassador: Mr. Steve Lai

Advisor: Mr. C.Y. Ma