Our Mission


a) to promote, maintain and manage an association of the alumni of the University of Manchester (formerly known as the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology), hereinafter referred to as the “University” currently resident in Hong Kong;

b) to foster and maintain links between the University and the Association members;

c) to promote the good name of the University in Hong Kong and create a general awareness of the excellent educational facilities and technological developments in the institution;

d) to provide guidance to students or prospective students who may desire to study at the University;

e) to give information, advice and assistance to new or potential members of the Association on their return to Hong Kong;

f) to organize social and educational events for the benefit of members; to promote a close and continuing relationship between the University and the members of the Association;

g) to undertake voluntary activities assisting less fortunate individuals through charitable and altruistic endeavours so as to support the University’s mission regarding social responsibility for humankind;

to undertake other activities consistent with the above aims and objectives.