Ingulf Gustafson

Leader of the Ulfhrafnar, has traveled far and wide for his age. Raised on a large farm at the bay of Aros (on the East coast of Jutland, Denmark) as the third son of Gustaf Eirikson, he was trained in trade and warfare and traveled first east to Birka, then west to the Saxon lands, followed by another two years at the trade centre Foteviken in southern Svearike, before deciding to join the Heathen Army to win land to settle.

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Ragnhild Haraldsdottir

Ragnhild grew up as the youngest daughter of a wealthy blacksmith near Horsens. She was taught all the skills of a good house wife and keeper of keys from her mother. On Ingulf Gustavson’s travels he met Ragnhild while negotiating with her father. As both families would gain through an alliance a marriage was set. Ragnhild accompanies Ingulf on his trading travels ensuring that there is enough food for members of Ulfhrafnar, and is the one behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.

Gry Ingulfsdottir

The eldest daughter of Ingulf, She has a special relation with animals, almost like they talk to each other.

Idun Ingulfsdottir

Einar Ingulfsson

Þórstein Eiriksson

Estate manager

known as Jarpi (The Brown). Jarpi is the son of Eirik, the sturaesman of Gustaf (Ingulf’s father). Jarpi is the estate manager and right hand man to Ingulf Gustafson and will be seen running the Ulfhrafnar camp when Ingulf is absent. Ingulf and Jarpi grew up together and learned to sail, hunt and fight together, early on they became blood brothers.

Torvald Starrison

Gemstone Trader

Torvald's trade network extends far, bringing treasures from far corners of the world. Carnelian, pearls, garnet, crystal. Fine stones that fetch high prices. High price also brings high risk, and Torvald is no stranger to protecting his trade routes fiercely with sword and spear. Now expanding his network further west into the English lands, Torvald has found himself travelling (and fighting) alongside Ingulf Gustafson and the rest of the Ulfhrafnar

Njor Ulfricsson


Njor is the son of a wealthy family of landowners in Norway. Sent away to his uncle in Kaupang (a Danish trading town on the South coast) to avoid a looming Civil war, Njor showed an unusual aptitude for the bow and ship-based warfare. It was this set of skills that led to him joining the crew of Ingulf, a Dane sworn to provide a longship, crew, and legally one archer to the planned invasion of the Saxon kingdoms. Whilst a useful asset on the battlefield, Njor's true value comes from providing fresh meat for the table as a hunter, and leading hunts hosted by Ingulf to boost the status of Ulfhrafnar.


The wood carver

I grew up in a place named Boresta, a group of farms north of the trading centre Birka in Svea rike. I learnt skills in ship and house building from my father. This type of work took us away from our plot of land for months at a time. This was bad for our farm as it was never maintained and fell into disrepair. Times were hard and I was caught stealing two goats. Our jarl outlawed me, I had shamed my family so had to leave. Taking a set of tools I walked south to Birka. I found work as a wood carver and rented a shed to work and sleep in. It was a strange busy place with all kinds of people coming and going. Everything was controlled and taxed there. There was money to be made but you had to fit in. I met Ingulf there - he saw my talent and offered me a place in his crew.

The Bead turner



My name is Aethelwulf. I am Saxon, from Wessex, in a small town called Swindune. My Father, Godric, a house carl, owns a pig farm with my mother, Edith. I manage the lands and the people that tend the pigs. When the great heathen army moved into Wessex, our King, Alfred, aiming to keep the peace, exchanged myself, my wife Emma and daughter Osburh, with some Danes, as part of a deal to keep the peace between both sides.



Thorulf Svenson

Thorulf is the son of a smith in a small town in the Sogndal area, on the west coast of Norway. At a young age an illness took his mother and father from him, and the local Jarl took over his father’s smithy. Over several years Thorulf learned to fight and hunt while still working in the smithy, but it was clear that the Jarl was not giving him back his fathers possesions. With no prospects or familial connections left, Thorulf took what he could from his father’s old forge and headed South in search of work and a purpose in life. Eventually Thorulf made his way to Foteviken in Denmark. In the trading port he met Ingulf. The promise of travel to England and a chance to make his name and fortune was too good an offer to pass up.

Tostig "Bloddrykkja" Bosson

Tostig is the son of a Dane called Bo Frodesson, who was given land to live and work on by his Jarl for serving faithfully for years as an adviser. Tostig was raised to eventually take over his father's place as an advisor and run the land his family owned near Leicester. Deciding that he would prefer to live a more physical way of life and seeking adventure, Tostig left his father's land and ventured off on his own. He eventually found his place in Jarl Ingulfs employ as a guard and warrior.

Gorm Haraldson

Gorm is the fourth son of a wealthy blacksmith, who lives near Horsens. Being the last son there were no prospect of heritage after his father. Gorm chose to join his younger sister Ragnhild and her husband Ingulf on their travels to Englisc Lands to gain fame and wealth. Though raised as a blacksmith Gorm uses his skills as a warrior to help Ingulf and protect his sister.