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Ulfhrafnar is the name of the Oxfordshire group of The Vikings. the group seek to represent the household of a Danish Nobleman who has come to the British Isles to establish a Herred for himself and his followers. As such the group is operating on the border between the Danelaw and King Alfred's Wessex.

As a new group within the society, Ulfhrafnar is classed as a "leðang" (lethang) - a term based on the Norwegian military unit of one ship's crew. A leðang is run by a sturaesman (literally a Steerman of a ship, the one who mans the steering oar).

Our name simply means "wolf-ravens". The English spelling and pronunciation of "Raven" is derived from the Old Norse "Hrafn." In modern Icelandic "Hr" is an unvoiced R, meaning it is spoken slightly aspirated without moving the vocal cords. "F" is pronounced as a V or B in this language (in this case, V). So, despite the spelling, “hrafn” is with a funny sounding R, the "A" sounded as in "Car," and a clipped second syllable, essentially "RAH-vn”. The same rule for pronouncing “F” in Ulf gives “Ulv” so Ulfhrafnar is pronounced “UlvRAH-vnar”

Behind the name "Ulfhrafnar" lies the relation between wolves and ravens in nature. This relation can be transferred to the relation between a small war-band and the large Heathen army of the Vikings. Ravens are often called wolf-birds and it is this name we have taken one step further to wolf-ravens. you can read more about this relation here.

The Ulfhrafnar is part of the largest Viking Age (AD793-1066) re-enactment society in the British Isles - The Vikings. There are many groups spread throughout the country, we cover Oxfordshire in our membership. For details of a group closer to home visit the Society's website at:


Membership is open to all, but to take part in combat displays, members must be over the age of 18. If you have no wish to fight, or if fighting alone is not enough, our displays of period life provide opportunities to learn craft skills, and to experience the life of people in the Viking Age at first hand. Whether you wish to learn a new skill, or demonstrate an existing one in a period setting, all are welcome, but it is not necessary to be a skilled craftsman to take part in our displays - everyone can find something to do, from tending the fires to cooking a meal, organising the display, or selling the results of someone's hard labour.

The pages on this website aim to provide information about Ulfhrafnar and the group's activities.

The image above are members of Ulfhrafnar, at Corfe Castle 2019.