Samuel Gomes da Silva

Adjunct Professor of University Federal da Bahia (2006-2014).

Associate Professor of University Federal da Bahia (since 2014).

Research interests: Set Theory (cardinal invariants of the continuum, large cardinals, infinitary combinatorics, Martin's Axiom and Continuum Hypothesis, Axiom of Choice and related propositions), Set Theoretic Topology (covering properties, star covering properties, star selection principles, cardinal functions, discrete subspaces, applications of Set Theory in General Topology), Mathematical Logic, Category Theory.

Leader of the Research Group "Logic, Sets and Topology" at Institute of Mathematics, UFBA (since 2008).

Member of Directive Board of the Brazilian Logic Society (since 2011).

Associate Editor of the journal "Matemática Universitária" (Brazilian Mathematical Society) since 2011.

Member of the Chamber of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of FAPESB (local grant

agency of the State of Bahia) since 2015.

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