Remember When the church building was on the move?

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If you do, or don't remember the above event, come join us November 5th for worship at 9:45, and a potluck meal at 12:00 followed by a Celebration of our Church's History! Share a memory, leave with many memories!

I Wonder?

Why do you choose to spend your Sunday morning in worship? Specifically, what brings you to worship at the United Church of Lincoln?

"If I were asked to sum it all up into one word; What brings me to worship at the United Church of Lincoln?, that word would be ACCEPTANCE.
Our church has been gifted with an usually diverse group of individuals, from many walks of life. Given it's diversity, attending this church has taught me (by example) how to embrace our difference, and how to ACCEPT each other through the one body, that is Christ. 
We are a real church family. A family with some real differences, yet I have learned to place my trust in this family. It is through this supportive family that I can become better equipped to go out into the world and practice (by example) what I have learned here. This is why I choose to come the United Church of Lincoln. 
My hope is that we search out leadership who's PRIORITY is to make certain that our church remains "A HOUSE WITH OPEN ARMS" moving forward."



All visitors, guests, and area residents are warmly welcomed to worship with us.
Sunday morning worship: 9:45 AM
Sunday School (pre-school through adult) follows the service
Child care provided

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