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Surprise Me God!

Wait a minute, God shouldn't surprise me, right? I mean, if God is capable of everything good then why should I be surprised if, well, he does something perhaps unexpected? 

I propose we should always expect the unexpected! We should trust God enough to take the risk that he will surprise and amaze us.

Try giving more to your church, financially, and trust that God will take care of your every need. Give more of your time to caring for and serving those in need. God will provide.  Go on, give it a try!
The corporate church gives nothing without individual contributions of time and money. We are the church.
You cannot out-give God! Ever! No way, no how! Period!


All visitors, guests, and area residents are warmly welcomed to worship with us.

Sunday morning worship: 9:45 AM

Sunday School (pre-school through adult) follows the service

Child care provided



We are affiliated with the American Baptist and United Methodist Churches.  

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