Remember When the church building was on the move?

Thought Box

If you do, or don't remember the above event, come join us November 5th for worship at 9:45, and a potluck meal at 12:00 followed by a Celebration of our Church's History! Share a memory, leave with many memories!

I Wonder?

Out of all the wonderful moments that happen during our church service, what is the most meaningful to you?

"Oh how difficult to pick just one. I love that the service has been arranged so that much of the traditions and rituals happen at the beginning so that even our youngest members can participate despite their short attention span and leaving part way though (to nursery or SS). How wonderful to have an institution like the church consider them. I love our unique traditions such as the responsive reading, sining Blest Be the Tie that Binds and sining the Doxology. It is the traditions of our church that bring comfort during times of transition both within and without of our walls."



All visitors, guests, and area residents are warmly welcomed to worship with us.
Sunday morning worship: 9:45 AM
Sunday School (pre-school through adult) follows the service
Child care provided

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