Outdoor Baptismal Service held just down the street from our church building.

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Kindness cannot be perfected unless it is practiced!

Practice Kindness
While much has been and will be said this month, just a note on behalf of Donna and myself.  It has been our privilege and honor to serve God through serving with you in the ministry of this church.  Certainly there is some sadness as we put down the mantle or pass the baton (any other analogy you want to make?)  But more so, it is with a sense of excitement and anticipation as we think of all this church witness can be, that is the stronger emotion. As Terry Cutler told me when I became the pastor here, “These are good people, caring people who with a sense of humor, serve God and know the joy of faith.”  You were, and you are.    We love you all,  Dave & Donna.

All visitors, guests, and area residents are warmly welcomed to worship with us.
Sunday morning worship: 9:45 AM
Sunday School (pre-school through adult) follows the service
Child care provided

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