Wind Program Newsletter
The Energy Systems Design Research Group (ESDRG) creates custom design strategies and software tools for complex system development. Our comprehensive approach focuses on diverse engineering phenomena, the combined effects of such, and the lifetime performance of the system. It is useful in the development of wind energy conversion systems, which operate in harsh conditions, and require studies in fluid dynamics, machine design, solid mechanics, heat transfer, electro mechanics, vibration, and control. Our unique procedures shed light on crucial interdisciplinary areas of system performance, which are often ignored or not well understood during the development process. Having knowledge of these areas greatly improves system performance and further reduces the cost and time for system development. Coupling the interactive engineering aspects of the complex system with computer simulation and experimental studies further characterizes the performance as it changes over the life of the system. For example, the way the system is controlled and operated will have long-term effects on the mechanical components. Likewise, wear and fatigue ultimately affect the operation of the system and can further lead to failure, unexpected costs and system downtime. Understanding these dynamics allows the ESDRG to implement design strategies that prolong system life, improve operation, and mitigate the need for reactive maintenance. The multidisciplinary synthesis also facilitates the use of novel techniques such as hybridized supervisory control, condition-based maintenance, and fault-tolerant design, to further leverage performance. The large amount of design considerations in the development process for a complex system is computationally intensive. To facilitate this effort, the research also focuses on heuristic optimization, innovative modeling, and the use of distributed computing systems. 


John F. Hall, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Bell Hall 241, University at Buffalo
State University of New York
Buffalo, New York 

Phone:  (716) 645-5946
Fax: (716) 645-2883