6. History

Past achievements

History of UBC teams

"CSx" means "x-th year undergraduate in Computer Science". "CS MSx" means "x-th year MS student in CS".
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Coach: Lucca Siaudzionis (Business/CS3), (Co-coach) Daniel Du (CS/Stats4)
WF in Porto: TBD
Regional Standings: Division 1, Division 2
1st -- UBC p_X(x)=P(X=x): David Zheng (CS MS1), Henry Xia (CS/Math3), Brandon Zhang (CS/Math3)
8th -- UBC ReDuX: Xingyu Zhou (CS2), David Berard (EngPhys3), Rehim Memmedli (CS3)
16th -- UBC Union of Bad Coders: Eugene Shen (EngPhys/Music4), Ben Zheng (CS/Math4), Andrew Ting (CS1)
40th -- UBC (;u;)7: Spencer Ang (Business/CS3), James Zang (CS3), Jack Spalding-Jamieson (CS/Math3)
D2 2nd -- UBC p_Y(y)=P(Y=y): Kiara Grant (CS3), Felix He (Business/CS4), Subi Rixat (CS4)
D2 3rd -- UBC WLOG: Ray Zhang (CS/Physics3), Eishan Lawrence (CS3), Kim Dinh (CS1)


Coach: Daniel Du (CS/Stats3), (Co-coach) Paul Liu (Stanford CS PhD 1)
WF in Beijing: 56th
NAIPC: 6th (silver medal!)
Regional Standings: Division 1, Division 2
3rd -- UBC*: Lucca Siaudzionis (Business/CS2), David Zheng (CS/Math4), Gregory Zhang (EngPhys5)
8th -- UBC~: Zara Lim (EngPhys3), Eugene Shen (EngPhys/Music3), Rehim Memmedli (CS2)
11th -- UBC^: Brandon Zhang (CS/Math2), Henry Xia (CPEN2), Yuchong Pan (CS1)
13th -- UBC!: Raunak Kumar (CS5), David Berard (EngPhys2), Carlos Wen (CPEN5)
26th -- UBC&: Radu Nesiu (CS5), Vincent Hui (CS4), Toni Annala (Math MS1)
D2 1st -- UBC\: Vaastav Anand (CS4), Ben Zheng (CS/Math3), Jack Spalding-Jamieson (CS/Math2)
D2 3rd -- UBC%: Godot Bian (Business/CS4), Spencer Ang (Business/CS2), Brendon Tankwa (EngPhys2)
D2 15th -- UBC?: James Zang (CS2), Arian Naderi-Azad (CS2), Eric Semeniuc (CS3)

Gregory joined Microsoft as a full-time engineer after World Finals. Lucca interned at Airbnb, and David interned at Google.


Coach: Paul Liu (CS MS2), (Co-coach) Nasa Rouf (CS PhD7)
WF in Rapid City: 20th
NAIPC: 7th (silver medal!)
Regional Standings: Division 1Division 2
1st -- UBC*: Daniel Du (CS2), Lucca Siaudzionis (Business/CS1), Jason Chiu (Math/CS5)
6th -- UBC!: David Zheng, Gregory Zhang (EngPhys4), Jason Choi
11th -- UBC~: Eugene Shen (Music2), Zara Lim (Eng2), Andrew Chen (E.Eng4)
13th -- UBC+: Henry Chee (Business/CS5), Kevin Zhang (EngPhys5), Derek Chen (EngPhys5)
15th -- UBC#: Carlos Wen (EngPhys4), Raunak Kumar (CS4), Kyle Ju (CS4)
D2 2nd -- UBC^: Henry Xia, Emmanuel Sales, Alfred Xing
D2 3rd -- UBC&: Shikib Mehri, Brandon Zhang, Albert Xing
D2 5th -- UBC%: David Yin, Vincent Hui, Dylan Hare
D2 14th -- UBC@: Razvan Nesiu, Anmol Jawandha, Radu Nesiu

Daniel, Lucca, and Jason all joined Google after the World Finals. Jason joined as a full-time engineer, and Daniel and Lucca joined as Summer interns.


Coach: Nasa Rouf (CS PhD6), Paul Liu (CS MS1)
WF in Phuket: 92nd
NAIPC: 14th
Regional Standings: Division 1 Division 2
5th -- UBC+: Daniel Du (CS1), Henry Chen (MSc2), Brian Chau (CS5)
9th -- UBC!: Wenyi Wang (MSc1), Paul Liu (CS MS1), Angus Lim (EngPhys7)
18th -- UBC#: Anne Lim (CS3), Mark Leyfman (CS3), Kevin Zhang (EngPhys4)
20th -- UBC_: Kyle Lin (CS4), Henry Chee (Business/CS4), Tommy Tang (CS3)
D2 2nd -- UBC*: Eugene Shen (Music1), Zara Lim (Eng1), Andrew Chen (E.Eng3)
D2 3rd -- UBC^: Derek Chen (EngPhys4), Gregory Zhang (EngPhys3), Weining Hu (CS3)
D2 6th -- UBC&: Kyle Ju (CS3), Carlos Wen (EngPhys3), Raunak Kumar (CS3)

Aram joined the PacNW problem setting team :D


Coach: Nasa Rouf (CS PhD5)
NAIPC: 37th
Regional Standings: Division 1 Division 2
4th -- UBC#: Paul Liu (Math/Phys5), Jason Chiu (Math/CS3), Kent Williams-King (CS MS1)
11th -- UBC!: Alireza Zakeri (CS MS1), Angus Lim (EngPhys6), Foster Tom (Math3)
12th -- UBC*: Lynn Tsai (BCS4), Carolyn Shen (CS4), Keyulu Xu (Math/CS3)
26th -- UBC+: Kristina Nelson (Math/CS5), Henry Chen (Stats MS1), Brian Chau (CS 4)
D2 3rd -- UBC^: Henry Chee (Business/CS3), Kyle Lin (CS3), Tommy Tang (CS2)
D2 5th -- UBC&: Anne Lim (CS2), Mark Leyfman (CS2), Kevin Zhang (EngPhys3)

The region introduced Division 2, an easier contest for beginners. As a result, Division 1 became quite difficult! The Brute Force Club was renamed Fruit Борщ Club to mark our departure from the classic ways of brute force, on to the modern era of crazy algorithms with a delicious Russian twist.

Jason went to Honda (Japan) for Coop. Lynn, Angus, Kristina, Mark, Henry, and Henry went to Google. Anne, Carolyn, Anne, and Kyle went to Facebook. Paul, Kent, and Nasa immersed themselves deeper in research with little pay :)
Todo: replace internship outcomes with postgrad outcomes :p


Coach: David Williams-King (CS MS2)
Regional Standings: Detailed
4th -- UBC Wrong Answer: Angus Lim (EngPhys5), Daniel Lu (EngPhys6), Paul Liu (Math/Phys4)
5th -- UBC Diamond: Perry Liu (CS4), Keyulu Xu (Math/CS2), Jason Chiu (CS2)
11th -- UBC Memory Limit Exceeded: Henry Chen (Math4), Henry Chee (Business/CS3), Foster Tom (Math2)
19th -- UBC Compile Error: Kristina Nelson (Math/CS4), Farzad Fallahi (CS2), Brian Chau (CS3)
28th -- UBC Time Limit Exceeded: Carolyn Shen (CS3), Kyle Lin (CS2), Quinlan Jung (CS5)

Angus went to Amazon. Daniel went to Facebook and then grad school at CMU. Paul went to train under a waterfall for the following year.


Coach: Nasa Rouf (CS PhD4)
WF in St Petersburg: 76th
NAIPC: 6th
Regional Standings: Detailed
3rd -- UBC! : Jonathan Shen (Math/CS5), Paul Liu (Math/Physics3), Karlming Chen (Math4)
11th -- UBC^: David Williams-King (CS MS1), Perry Liu (CS3), Keyulu Xu (CS1)
12th -- UBC+: Farzad Fallahi (CS1), Derya Aydede (CS2), Lynn Tsai (BCS2)
14th -- UBC*: Angus Lim (EngPhys4), Daniel Lu (EngPhys5), Terence Lin (CS5)
38th -- UBC~: Kristina Nelson (Math/CS3), Colin Ta (CS2), Majin Du (CS3)

Possibly the most junior cast of UBC programmers yet! The finalists were some permutation of 18, 19 and 20. Jonathan went to Google, then CMU, and back to Google Brain. Karlming went to grad school in Waterloo, followed by CalTech.


Coach: Simon Suyadi (CS MS3), Nasa Rouf (CS PhD3)
WF in Warsaw: 18th
NAIPC: 9th
Standings Regional Detailed
2nd -- UBC! : Xing Chen (CS MS2), Aram Ebtekar (Math/CS4), Martin Lau (CS6)
7th -- UBC^: Jonathan Shen (Math/CS4), Jerome Li (CS4), Kenneth Lui (CS5)
14th -- UBC*: Ayden Wong (Math/CS4), Maverick Chan (CS4), Daniel Lu (EngPhys4 coop)
17th -- UBC+: Terence Lin (CS4), Paul Liu (Math/Physics2), Karlming Chen (Math3)
28th -- UBC~: Perry Liu (CS2), Ryan Chung (CS5), Angus Lim (EngPhys3)

Martin and Xing went to Google. Jerome went to Amazon and then Google. Ayden went to Facebook. Aram went to CMU for a PhD, but dropped out to become a Waymonaut instead.

Note: This was the first year that five teams were allowed to the regional.


Coach: Simon Suyadi (CS MS2), Robert Tseng (CS MS2)
Standings Regional
4th -- UBC^: Xing Chen (CS MS1), Aram Ebtekar (Math/CS3), Ayden Wong (Math/CS3)
15th -- UBC*: Vincent Lou (Math/Stat3), Jerome Li (CS3), Jonathan Shen (Math/CS3)
35th -- UBC+: Eason Hu (CS5), Terence Lin (CS3), Shuyi Wang (CS2)
Reserves: Jason Chang, Luke Kysow

The World Finals were planned for Sharm el-Shiekh, Egypt, but ended up in Orlando. As a lot of members graduated, many people were competing for the first time.

Cedric coached in the summer and then did a PhD in quantum computation at MIT. Robert went to Microsoft. Simon went to Google.


Coach: Anton Likhtarov (CS MS2)
WF in Harbin: 14th
Standings Regional Detailed
1st -- UBC^: Robert Tseng (CS MS1), Simon Suyadi (CS MS1), Cedric Lin (Physics/CS4)
10th -- UBC+: David Kurokawa (Math/CS5), Kenneth Lui (CS3), Sandy Robertson (CS4)
15th -- UBC*: Byron Knoll (CS MS1), Jason Chang (CS4), Martin Lau (CS4)
Reserves: Aram Ebtekar (CS/Math2), Armand Li, Louie ?, Terence Lin (CS2)

Anton went on to work at Facebook. David of the cows went to Amazon for 2 years, then did a PhD at CMU on the subject of cutting cakes, before joining Google.


Coaches: Anton Likhtarov (CS MS1) and Patrick Nguyen (CS MS2)
WF in Stockholm: 34th
Standings Regional
4th -- UBC^: Chris Head (CS4), Robert Tseng (CS/Math4), Simon Suyadi (EngPhys 5 coop)
5th -- UBC*: Byron Knoll (CS/CogSys5), Cedric Lin (Physics/CS3), Martin Lau (CS3)
25th -- UBC+: Jason Chang (CS3), Kenneth Lui (CS2), Reilly Wood
Reserves: Andrew Tjia, Armand Li, Jason Kok, Joel Kitching, Kurt Mar, Mike Douglas, Terence Lin, Toar Imanuel, Valerie Ishida.

UBC^ advanced to WF with wildcard. Berkeley just barely edged UBC^, solving their eighth problem at literally the last minute of the competition. Stanford took first and second, so UBC was in strong shape for a wildcard berth -- which they got.

This might have been the first UBC team to be composed entirely of undergraduates.

Patrick got a full time job at a startup company (Chai Labs), and later went onto Google.


Coach: Ducky Sherwood (CS MS3), "Assistant Coach" Nasa Rouf (CS MS1)
WF in Banff: 23rd
Standings Regional
1st -- UBC^: Anton Likhtarov (CS/Math3), Patrick Nguyen (CS MS1), Henry Wong (ECE MS2)
2nd -- UBC*: Chris Head (CS3), Robert Tseng (CS/Math3), Simon Suyadi (EngPhys 4 coop)
10th -- UBC+: Sandy Robertson (CS4), Cedric Lin (Physics/CS2), Andrew Thomson (Math/CS5)
Reserves: George Stelle (CS4), Byron Knoll (CS/CogSys4)

Patrick competed in 3 regionals and one WF (tied for 19th place in 2006) for Simon Fraser University.  This will be the first time since UBC started competing that all three WF contestants have already been to the WF once already.

The ICPC invitation letter says that in the 2007 Regionals, there were "over 7,000 teams competing worldwide and representing over 1,700 universities from six continents".  100 teams competed in Banff.

The UBC contingent was the largest in Banff (not counting the host U of Alberta).  Thirteen went: all of the regionals competitors (except Sandy), Coach Ducky, alums Yury and IgorN, UBC grad student and "Assistant Coach" Nasa, and Ducky's husband Jim.

Four competitors (Anton, Patrick, Robert, and Simon) interned at Google in the summer. Chris got an NSERC summer research grant.  Cedric got a job doing research in the Physics Department. Henry (and Ducky and Nasa) continued working as graduate students.


Coach: Matthew Chan (CS MS2)
WF in Tokyo: 14th
Standings Regional
1st -- UBC^: Yury Kholondyrev (CS MS2), Anton Likhtarov (CS/Math2), Igor Ostrovsky (CS5 coop)
2nd -- UBC*: Christopher Head (CS2), Robert Tseng (CS/Math2), Henry Wong (ECE MS1)
7th -- UBC+: Simon Suyadi (EngPhys 3 coop), Ryan Yee (CS4), Ying Yin (ECE 3)
Reserve: Elena Kholondyrev

Henry competed in one WF (tied for 19th place in 2006) and three regionals for University of Toronto.

After graduation, Matthew went to Google in Mountain View.  Yury went to Bear Stearns.  IgorO went to Microsoft.


Coach: Bartholomew Furrow (Physics MS2)
WF in San Antonio: 13th
Standings Regional
1st -- UBC^: Yury Kholondyrev (CS MS1), Wei-Lung Dustin Tseng (CS/Math4), Matthew Chan (CS MS1)
4th -- UBC*: Igor Ostrovsky (CS4 coop), Roman Rudenko (CS MS1), Michael Chuang
14th -- UBC+: Anton Likhtarov (CS/Math1), David Freedman and Mike Li
4th team: Andrew Rothbart, Chris Head (CS1), and Ryan Yee.

Matthew Chan went to the WF (tied for 12th, 2005) with Hong Kong University.

After graduation, Bart went to Google in Mountain View.  Dustin went to grad school at Cornell.  Andrew Rothbart went to Microsoft.


Coach Jonathan Backer  (CS PhD)
WF in Shanghai: 17th
Standings Regional
1st -- UBC 0: Igor Naverniouk (CS MS2), Frank Pok Man Chu (CS4), Bartholomew Furrow (Physics MS1)
3rd -- UBC 1: Yury Kholondyrev (CS2), Keith Dunwoody, Siamak Tazari
17th -- UBC X: Igor Ostrovsky, Ryan Yee, Alex Shyr
Reserves: Dustin Tseng, Mike Li

Bartholomew previously won a bronze medal for Queen University, 12th place team as an undergrad.

Frank Chu, coached by Igor N, went on to tie for 14th place in the World Finals in 2007 on the UToronto team.

After leaving UBC, Igor went to UToronto for grad school, then to Google.  Frank went to grad school at UToronto, then to Google, before becoming a Waymonaut.

2003-2004 (first year to WF)

Coach Jonathan Backer (CS PhD)
WF in Prague: 15th
Standings Regional
1st -- UBC 0: Sebastian Kanthak, Markus Moll, Wolfgang Hess
3rd -- UBC 1: Peng Zhao, Mark Yen, (ECE), Tudor Costin, (Physics)
4th -- UBC X: Igor Naverniouk (CS MS1?), Frank Pok Man Chu (Math/CS), Andrew Rothbart
Reserve: Yury Kholondyrev (CS1)

(Wow, the UBC teams were all close together!  Stanford kept them from a 1-2-3 sweep.)

Sebastian, Markus, and Wolfgang were all exchange students from Germany.

Peng Zhao competed for Tsinghua in the 1998 World Finals.

Jonathan Backer won a bronze medal for UAlberta, tie at 13th place in the 2000 World Finals.


Coach: Darrell Lahey (CS Grad) and Jonathan Backer (CS PhD)
Standings Regional
3rd -- UBC 0: Zhao Peng (CS Grad), Igor Naverniouk (Math/CS4?), and Keith Dunwoody (EngPhys Ugrad)
29th -- UBC 10: Brook Jones (CS Ugrad), Collin Chan (CS Ugrad), and Mark Yen (ECE Ugrad).
30th -- UBC 1: Frank Chu (CS Ugrad), Albert Jiang (CS/Phys Ugrad), and Alex Vostrov (CS Ugrad)

The WF was in Beverley Hills.


Coach: Alex Brodsky (CS Grad)
Standings Regional
6th -- UBC 1: Igor Naverniouk (Math/CS3?), Stefan Pochmann (CS Grad), and Wesley Terpstra (Math/CS Ugrad)
7th -- UBC 0: Keith Dunwoody (EngPhys Ugrad), Warren Cheung (CS/Microbiology Ugrad), and Darrell Lahey (CS Grad)
Alternate: Ali Taleghani

The WF was in Honolulu. 


Coach: Alan Hu
Standings Regional
9th -- UBC 0: Albert Lai, Chung Ming Victor Cheng, Joseph Wong
11th -- UBC 1: Darell Lahey, I-Gene Leong, Keith Dunwoody

The World Finals were in Vancouver.


Standings Regional
10th -- UBC 0
12th -- UBC 1

The World Finals were in Orlando.


Standings Regional
6th -- UBC B
8th -- UBC A

The World Finals were in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Standings Regional
5th -- UBC A
12th -- UBC B

The World Finals were in Atlanta.

1996-1997 (started competing)

Coaches: Alan Hu and Son Vuong
Standings Regional
4th -- UBC A: Davor Cubranic (grad student), Wayne Hoy, Stephan Gudmundson
6th -- UBC B: Brett Allen and ?

The World Finals were in San Jose.

Davor got a PhD and went to work for Business Objects.  Stephan did a MSc with Mike Feeley and Gregor K, worked at a startup (NetAcquire) for five years, and is currently at Google.