Photos: NHMC, Parmakelis, Andriopoulos, Chatzaki

Welcome to the web page of Dr. Aris Parmakelis

The "University of Athens Molecular Ecology Group, UAMECO" is hosted in the Department of Ecology and Systematics of the University of Athens. In these web pages you will be able to find out:

  • who we are
  • what we do research on
  • how you could get in touch with us and
  • visit some of the web pages that we consider very useful

The "University of Athens Molecular Ecology Lab" (UAMECO Lab) was established in 2007. It is located in the first floor of the Biology building of the University of Athens (Panepistimioupoli Zografou). The UAMECO Lab is currently supervised by Dr. Parmakelis Aris (P.I.). It is a 50 m2 typical molecular biology lab that supports the research projects of the P.I. that involve phylogenetic and phylogeographic approaches and the study of the ecology and population genetics of animal and plant taxa. It also supports the undergraduate projects, the Master and the PhD projects that are supervised by the faculty members of Biology of the University of Athens.

The UAMECO Lab includes standard bench equipment, and all the necessary instruments (ultrapure ddH2systems, balances, UV-tables, Gel documentation systems, waterbaths, thermoshakers, incubators, pH-meters, centrifuges, gradient PCR machines, and electrophoresis systems) for proteins and DNA-RNA research. Several researchers can be accommodated simultaneously. Moreover, extensive computer hardware and robust network connections are available. Libraries, computer support services and laboratory services are provided by the University of Athens. The UAMECO Lab is available for use to all qualified faculty, staff and graduate students from within the University of Athens community. Researchers from outside the University of Athens, are also welcome to use the facilities.