Because of Corona Virus there is no general meeting next Month

Don't forget to renew your membership subscription each year to benefit from member privileges. Because of the Covid19 lockdown all members who paid their 2020 fees, will automatically be renewed free of charge for 2021.

If you want to continue learning during the Covid19 lockdown try these web sites

Some of the courses are free but many require payment; mainly high-brow subjects

GCF offers free lessons with text and video  on a variety of subjects mainly at beginner / intermediate level, ranging from Maths and English to Mobile Phones and PC Programs

Contact me on 084 511 8100 or email me on mikeberryu3a@gmail.com with your cell number If you would like to receive a Bible Chapter each day via WhatsApp (both verbal and text)

If you have any other WhatsApp, Zoom Groups or Internet courses to offer to members send me an email  mikeberryu3a@gmail.com and I will include it on the website
General Meetings
As well as interest group meeting as various locations we have a general meeting at the Bellville Civic Centre on the Second Thursday of each month except December, at which we show a video and have a guest speaker

Membership is open to anyone, but because U3A is structured for the benefit of retired and semi-retired persons, most interest groups and meetings take place during the day.

Membership fees for 2021 have been waived for existing members who have paid their 2020 fees. A voluntary donation payment would, however, be most welcome.

Membership fee for new members and existing members who have not paid their 2020 fee is R50 per person, per year if paying by EFT or R60  per person per year if paying cash either by deposit or at a General meeting (this includes bank charges).  

In line with the policy of most major banks, we will no longer accept cheque payments/deposits.

You can obtain a new membership form at any General Meeting or from this website.  The preferred method of application is the on-line form.

Click here to download an on-line membership form.  When you have downloaded the online Word form, enable editing and type the information into the form and then save the document using your name as the file name.  Once you have saved the  document email it to loisgraham1955@gmail.com  together with proof of payment.
Click here  to download the latest printable membership form, click on it when it downloads  select Print.
Click here to view the U3A TYGERBERG CONSTITUTION.

History of U3As 

U3A began in France in 1972, under the aegis of the University of Toulouse. In the French model, faculty members and working academics are course facilitators and lecturers. With its spread to the UK and the realization that Third Ager's had the skills to organize and teach their own autonomous learning groups, the nature of the organisation changed and this model has been enthusiastically adopted in more than 30 countries around the world. Today, U3A is a learning co-operative with objects and principles, inter alia, “to assail the dogma of intellectual decline with age”, “to provide from amongst the retired, the resources for the development and intensification of their intellectual, cultural and aesthetic lives”, “to create an institution where there is no distinction between the class of those who teach and those who learn ….” The word ‘university’ in the name of the institution is used in its original sense, meaning a corporation of persons devoted to a particular activity, not necessarily intellectual. Its course leaders therefore are experienced volunteers. While some may be retired academics, many are amateur enthusiasts!

U3A in South Africa 

The first local example of the UK model was launched in Cape Town in February 2000 by Sylvia and Arthur Schrire. The response was overwhelming. Greater Cape Town currently has over 8,000 members, and the current national membership of around 11,000 comprises 26 independent local U3As in Gauteng, Free State,  Kwazulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Interest groups range from Afrikaans to Yoga, but a core curriculum has emerged. Most U3As have a language group, a creative writing group and others that represent an amazing breadth of experience and interest. There are science and technology studies, history and of course all the 'ologies’. Many social and cultural activities, such as bird watching and wine appreciation, are also on offer.

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