Jefferson Tyrell DeWeber

Welcome to my website. I am a freshwater biologist with a background in spatial analyses, species distribution modeling, and understanding the effects of human activities and climate change on rivers and fish. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. 
"I am haunted by waters"

In his book A river runs through it, Norman Maclean ends with the beautiful and often quoted words "I am haunted by waters".  In those brief words, he masterfully captured my feelings about rivers and streams.  Perhaps it is because most of my treasured memories involve water, whether watching a dry fly dance on the surface of a crystal clear Virginia stream or sitting with my dad on the banks of the muddy Mississippi whenever I was a young boy.  I just love water, and especially so whenever it is gurgling and sparkling on its way down a mountain over boulders and cobble.  I dream about them at night.  I plan my free time around them. My whole career is geared towards conserving them.  Indeed, I am haunted by waters.