There is a very high possibility that you have been affected by the Historic Shift that occurred in the time of Roman Emperor Constantine.  It has affected culture, relationships, and so much more!

I had sensed many symptoms of this shift for more than 25 years.  I had also read a number of things that helped me to see additional related symptoms.  But I could not see things clearly enough to pinpoint the exact cause of all of those symptoms!  That is until I attended the Catholic funeral of my 98 year old aunt, and as I watched the funeral service, the Lord had it finally dawn on me what the root of the shift was.  This in turn unlocked the mystery for me!

It was like those pictures I have looked at that have hidden three-dimensional images in them, such as dolphins jumping out of water.  I would move my eyes closer and further away from the picture, try to focus on different points in the picture, and then finally after looking sometimes for quite a while, the three-dimensional image would eventually pop out.  At that point, it would be very easy to see!

With this needed insight in place, I was finally able to write the book titled, Twos and Threes, and could make the following claim in the books' introduction that I could then unveil through the rest of the book.

“It is of great value for each of us to have the freedom to count twos and threes fellowship as more significant than things that are one to many.”

This key is more significant than meets the eye! 

We have seen the Lord use Twos and Threes in wonderful ways in the lives of others as He helps them to gain the great benefits outlined in the books' dedication.

“I dedicate this book to you the reader – especially if you have longed for better fellowship but have not been able to find it.  May Jesus use this book and work in your life to bring you to wonderful friendships of true heart-to-heart fellowship!”

So, if this is something you may be interested in, the ebook is available for $3.99.

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