Many of the classic scripts here have been cluttering up my hard-drive for years. Some of them come from websites that faded into myth and memory over two decades ago.

A lot come from kind donators, eBay, and pay sites like Script City.

  • The Daily Script, Weekly Script, and the BBC Writers’ Room are fantastic sources for TV scripts of all genres, and many of the scripts on these pages come from one of these sites.
  • The Lost scripts are available elsewhere, but were originally hosted on The Hatch, which changed name to pressexecute, and now seems to be defunct.
  • Also long gone are and
  •, source of the Battlestar Galactica mini-series, is dead, as is, home of the Season One Twin Peaks scripts.
  • Season Two of Twin Peaks is available at
  • The Star Trek scripts beamed down from
  • Anthology provided the Highlander and Night Stalker scripts.
  • Rob Thomas’ site was the source of the Veronica Mars and Cupid material.
  • Vintage scripts for Lois and Clark were originally uploaded to (now dead), and I found the Sports Night teleplays at (likewise)
  • God bless the USA Network for providing The Dead Zone scripts, usually the day after they aired. Good on ‘em!
  • The Masters of the Universe documents are available by the power of
  • Documents for Charlie Jade are not from a parallel universe, rather
  • Family Biz and Psi Factor scripts were kindly provided by James Nadler of Summit Crescent Productions.
  • The scripts for Beauty and the Beast were deep underground, at Beauty and the Beast Forever.
  • Scripts from Season Four of Doctor Who originally materialised at
  • You can also find loads of TV and movie scripts at
  •, while it lived, proved to be an excellent treasure trove, and generous community; undoubtedly the finest script sharing resource on the planet (RIP).
  • Finally, heartfelt thanks to the writers of these scripts, for your skill, your passion, and your continuing influence. And for letting me share them.