Many of the classic scripts here have been cluttering up my hard-drive for years. Some of them come from websites that faded into myth and memory over a decade ago.

A lot come from kind donators, eBay, and pay sites like Script City.

  • The Lost scripts are available elsewhere, but were originally hosted on The Hatch, which changed name to pressexecute, and now seems to be defunct.
  • Also long gone are and
  •, source of the Battlestar Galactica mini-series, is dead, as is, home of the Season One Twin Peaks scripts.
  • Anthology provided the Highlander and Night Stalker scripts.
  • Vintage scripts for Lois and Clark were originally uploaded to (now dead), and I found the Sports Night teleplays at (likewise)
  • God bless the USA Network for providing The Dead Zone scripts, usually the day after they aired. Good on ‘em!
  • Documents for Charlie Jade are not from a parallel universe, rather

  • Scripts from Season Four of Doctor Who originally materialised at
  • Finally,, while it lived, proved to be an excellent treasure trove, and generous community; undoubtedly the finest script sharing resource on the planet (RIP).
  • Finally, thanks to the writers of these scripts, for your skill, your passion, and your continuing influence.