This site will be of plenty of interest to TV fans, but fundamentally it's for people who want to take their love of TV and transform it into something more practical: actually creating telly that people want to see.

These scripts are here because the only way to learn how to write a TV script is to read A LOT of other TV scripts, and there aren't many places you can do that.

So here you can study scripts for existing shows, some of your old favourites, and many that never even made it to air. Figure out what makes an episode work, how to format that spec, why a pilot failed and how to write in four, five or six acts.

And when you've figured it all out and got your show on air - send me your scripts!

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I love running this site and sharing the scripts I obtain with other writers and fans. However, scripts are not always easy to get hold of (especially when you live five and a half thousand miles away from L.A.). So I am asking; if you would like to contribute - anonymously or otherwise - to a site that has been called "an absolute gold mine" (John August) and "a great site" (Ellen Sandler) then please send any scripts you may have for upcoming or classic shows to blog@leethomson.com. I promise not to post scripts for upcoming pilots until the show has aired, and anyone who sends me anything will of course have my undying gratitude.

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If you are the writer of any of these scripts, and want me to take them down; no need for unpleasantness: just email me.

18 July Update

posted 19 Jul 2016, 10:17 by Lee Thomson

  • Stranger Things 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)

8 July Update

posted 8 Jul 2016, 13:22 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 8 Jul 2016, 13:25 ]

  • Dead of Summer 1x01 - Like a Prayer (READ NOW)

28 June Updates

posted 28 Jun 2016, 12:01 by Lee Thomson

29 April Updates

posted 29 Apr 2016, 04:25 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 29 Apr 2016, 04:51 ]

27 April Updates

posted 27 Apr 2016, 03:07 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 04:36 ]

25 April Updates

posted 25 Apr 2016, 09:07 by Lee Thomson

  • Containment 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Game Of Silence 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Girlfriend Experience 1x01 - Entry (READ NOW)
  • The Girlfriend Experience 1x02 - A Friend (READ NOW)
  • Hunters 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Detour 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)

10 April Updates

posted 10 Apr 2016, 09:55 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 10:02 ]

3 April Updates

posted 3 Apr 2016, 05:14 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 3 Apr 2016, 05:48 ]

19 March Updates

posted 19 Mar 2016, 05:13 by Lee Thomson

  • 11-22-63 1x01-02 - The Rabbit Hole (READ NOW)
  • Crowded 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Flaked 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Hap & Leonard 1x01 - Savage Season (READ NOW)
  • Houdini & Doyle 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Last Man on Earth 1x01 - Alive in Tuscon (As Broadcast) (READ NOW)
  • Of Kings And Prophets 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Family 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Night Manager 1x01 (READ NOW)
  • The Night Manager 1x02 (READ NOW)
  • The Night Manager 1x03 (READ NOW)
  • The Night Manager 1x04 (READ NOW)
  • The Real O'Neils 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Underground 1x01 - The Macon 7 (READ NOW)

13 Feb Updates

posted 13 Feb 2016, 09:02 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 13 Feb 2016, 09:12 ]

  • American Crime Story 1x01 - From the Ashes of Tragedy (READ NOW)
  • American Crime Story 1x02 - The Run of His Life (READ NOW)
  • Casanova 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Edge 1x01 - A Town Called Hate (READ NOW)
  • Highston 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Lucifer 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Magicians 1x01 - Unauthorized Magic (READ NOW)
  • Mercy Street 1x02 - The Haversack (READ NOW)
  • Mercy Street 1x03 - The Uniform (READ NOW)
  • Mercy Street 1x04 - The Belle Alliance (READ NOW)
  • One Mississippi 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Outsiders 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Recovery Road 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Good Girls Revolt 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • The Patriot 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Z - The Beginning of Everything 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)

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