This site will be of plenty of interest to TV fans, but fundamentally it's for people who want to take their love of TV and transform it into something more practical: actually creating telly that people want to see.

These scripts are here because the only way to learn how to write a TV script is to read A LOT of other TV scripts, and there aren't many places you can do that.

So here you can study scripts for existing shows, some of your old favourites, and many that never even made it to air. Figure out what makes an episode work, how to format that spec, why a pilot failed and how to write in four, five or six acts.

And when you've figured it all out and got your show on air - send me your scripts!

Help keep this site updated

I love running this site and sharing the scripts I obtain with other writers and fans. However, scripts are not always easy to get hold of (especially when you live five and a half thousand miles away from L.A.). So I am asking; if you would like to contribute - anonymously or otherwise - to a site that has been called "an absolute gold mine" (John August) and "a great site" (Ellen Sandler) then please send any scripts you may have for upcoming or classic shows to blog@leethomson.com. I promise not to post scripts for upcoming pilots until the show has aired, and anyone who sends me anything will of course have my undying gratitude.

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This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of the craft of screenwriting. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material.

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If you are the writer of any of these scripts, and want me to take them down; no need for unpleasantness: just email me.

12 August Update

posted 12 Aug 2017, 07:12 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 12 Aug 2017, 07:17 ]

  • Atlanta 1x02 - Streets on Lock (READ NOW)
  • Atlanta 1x09 - B.A.N. (READ NOW)
  • Better Call Saul 1x07 - Bingo (READ NOW)
  • Better Call Saul 2x10 - Klick (READ NOW)
  • Better Call Saul 3x05 - Chicanery (READ NOW)
  • Mr. Mercedes 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)
  • Parks and Recreation 2x02 - The Stakeout (READ NOW)
  • Parks and Recreation 2x06 - Kaboom (READ NOW)
  • Parks and Recreation 3x05 - Media Blitz (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 1x01 - A Study in Scarlet (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 1x03 - The Great Game (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 2x03 - The Reichenbach Fall (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 3x02 - The Sign Of Three (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 3x03 - His Last Vow (READ NOW)
  • Sherlock 4x02 - The Lying Detective (READ NOW)
  • The Good Place 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)

5 August Update

posted 5 Aug 2017, 09:11 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 5 Aug 2017, 09:13 ]

15 July Update

posted 15 Jul 2017, 10:35 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 21 Jul 2017, 08:11 ]

10 May Update

posted 10 May 2017, 10:08 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 10 May 2017, 10:09 ]

2 April Update

posted 2 Apr 2017, 06:58 by Lee Thomson

  • Breaking Bad 1x03 - ...And The Bag's In The River (READ NOW)
  • Breaking Bad 1x04 - Cancer Man (READ NOW)
  • Breaking Bad 1x06 - Crazy Handful Of Nothin' (READ NOW)
  • Breaking Bad 1x07 - A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (READ NOW)
  • Breaking Bad 5x14 - Ozymandias (READ NOW)
  • Breaking Bad 5x16 - Felina (READ NOW)

30 March Update

posted 30 Mar 2017, 11:58 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 30 Mar 2017, 11:59 ]

11 February Update

posted 11 Feb 2017, 04:03 by Lee Thomson

4 February Update

posted 4 Feb 2017, 01:54 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 11 Feb 2017, 04:02 ]

  • Training Day 1x01 - Apocalypse Now (READ NOW)
  • Riverdale 1x01 - The Rivers Edge (READ NOW)
  • Powerless 1x01 - Pilot (Original) (READ NOW)
  • Six 1x01 - Pilot (READ NOW)

28 January Update

posted 28 Jan 2017, 04:12 by Lee Thomson

9 January Update

posted 9 Jan 2017, 13:09 by Lee Thomson   [ updated 9 Jan 2017, 13:11 ]

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