Tawanda Makore

Born: 1979

Tawanda was inspired at an early age by his sculptor uncle Akence Makore, and later by cubic sculptor Brighton Sango. By the age of 11 years, when his family moved to Matabeleland, Tawanda found a ready market for his work at the Bulawayo National Gallery.

He later worked alongside another of his uncles in Guruve, Albert Makore, and was also exposed to the work of many sculptors in the area. He was a member of Sanganai Art Group for some years and more recently has been a founder member of The Sculptors Community. In 2014 he was invited in the Netherlands on a work shop programme. Tawanda’s work is generally abstract in form, drawing inspiration from ever changing shapes of his namesake (Makore [Shona]=clouds).

Each sculpture is unique in its own right, conceived in the artist’s imagination. The artist, is one of the second and third generation sculptors, of the Shona sculpture movement.