Dr. Theo Theodoridis
    Lecturer in Robotics and Embedded Systems

    School of CSE, University of Salford, Manchester

    email: T.Theodoridis AT salford DOT ac DOT uk

Theo Theodoridis received the B.E. degree in automation engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Greece, the M.Sc. degree in embedded systems and robotics, and the Ph.D. degree in intelligent crime-recognition robots from the University of Essex, U.K. He worked as a full time postdoctoral senior research officer (EPSRC grand), at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), focusing on multimodal human-robot interfaces and visual guidance as well as pattern recognition control methods. Currently he is working as a lecturer in robotics and embedded systems in the school of CSE at Salford University. He is a reviewer and author of several leading learning journals of the field. His research interests include AI robotics related to evolutionary algorithms, quantum computation, computer vision, fuzzy and probabilistic reasoning, behaviour-based and intelligent control, and AI gaming.

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