Name: Nghia T. A. Tran

(Trần Thái An Nghĩa in Vietnamese, T. T. A. Nghia in publications)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,

Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, USA

Office: 444 MSC - Office phone: 248-370-4030

Email: nttran at


Since 2014, I am an assistant professor at Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University. Before joining OU, I held one year Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) at University of British Columbia Okanagan located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with mountains, lakes, and wines. I graduated with Ph.D. degree in Applied Math from Wayne State University, Motor City. My research interests lie in nonsmooth optimization, variational analysis, and their applications. My research profile could be found at:

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In spare time I play soccer, tennis, and ping pong; but my best game is on foosball. My favorite spot in Michigan is Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes; climbing up the steep sand dune at Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in July is always terrific and memorable.