"Work hard to find something that fascinates you" Richard P. Feynman

Name: Nghia T.A. Tran (married, one child)

(Trần Thái An Nghĩa in Vietnamese, T.T.A. Nghia in publications)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,

University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada

Office: ASC 306, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

Phone: 250-807-9213 (office)

Email: nghia.tran at ubc.ca

I will join Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University, USA as an assistant professor on August, 2014. 


- Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Wayne State University, USA, August 2013. 

AdvisorBoris Mordukhovich

- M.S. in Mathematical Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Wayne State University, USA, August 2011.  

- B.S. in Mathematics with Honors, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Hochiminh City University of Pedagogy, August 2006.


       Optimization, Variational Analysis, Monotone OperatorsOptimal Control