Russell Tsz-Nga Wong

Economist, Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
email: Russell.Wong(at)rich(dot)frb(dot)org
official webpage:

 thinking buddy in WashU

ECON820 Money in the Macroeconomy, for grad 2015, Queen's University
ECON1011 Introduction to Microeconomics, for undergrad 2011, Washington University in St Louis

Working Papers

Status: NBER WP and submitted

Status: submitted and NBER WP version
Presented at NBER/CEME 2015 @ UVA, ES World Congress 2015 @ Montreal, Minnesota Macro Workshop 2015, Shanghai Macro 2015, Richmond Fed, Purdue, Indiana, Midwest Macro 2015 @ Wash U, UC Irvine, EIEF, SED 2014 @ Toronto, Search and Matching Workshop 2014 @ UC Riverside, SAET 2014 @ Tokyo, Money Workshop 2014 @ Chicago Fed

Status: JET forthcoming 
A mechanism design approach to estimate the lower bound to the welfare cost of inflation without depending on quasi-linear preferences and details of how agent trades

Status: REStud 2016
Presented at UC Irvine, Money Workshop 2013 @ Chicago Fed, Midwest Theory Meeting 2013 Summer @ Michigan State University

Status: submitted, presented at LAEF 2015 @ UCSB, Vanderbilt, Tsinghua Macro Workshop 2014, Midwest Macro 2013 Summer @ UIUC, Econometric Society Summer Meeting 2013 @ USCAcademica Sinica, Econometric Society Asian Meeting 2014 @ Taipei

On the Essentiality of E-money, 2017 revised, with Jonathan Chiu (Bank of Canada)
Status: submitted, presented at Economics of Payment Workshop 2014 @ Boston Fed, Search and Matching Workshop 2014 @ SMU, CMSG-CEA 2014 @ Simon Fraser, Econometric Society Asian Meeting 2014 @ Taipei,  Search and Matching Workshop 2014 @ Philly Fed, U Wisconsin Madison Liquidity Conference 2014

Status: submitted, presented at SED 2014 @ Toronto, Midwest Macro 2013 Fall @ U Minnesota

Equilibrium Default Contagion in Over-the-Counter Markets, 2013, with James Chapman (Bank of Canada)
Status: to be submitted, presented at New York Fed 2014, U of Bern 2014, Chicago Fed Money Workshop 2013, Midwest Macro 2013 Fall @ U Minnesota, Econometric Society Asian Meeting 2014 @ Taipei, BoC brownbag, Queen's

E-Money: Efficiency, Stability and Optimal Policies, 2013, with Jonathan Chiu (Bank of Canada)
Status: to be submitted, BoC WP, presented at BoC department seminar

Computing Continuous-time Heterogeneous-agent Monetary Models
I am preparing notes on the following topics, 

Viscosity solution
Approximation methods and stability analysis
Stable arm
Optimal stopping time
Delay differential equation
Kolmogorov forward equation
Transitional dynamics
Constrained efficiency
Optimal policies

Some Interesting (to me) Reading on Methodology


I am lucky to be benefited from one of the best time in Wash U under the leadership of Ping
macro: Michele Boldrin, Rody Manuelli, Steve Williamson, Costas Azariadis, Ravikumar, Yongs Shin, Ping Wang
micro: David Levine, Haluk Ergin, John Nachbar, Phil Dybvig, Jeroen Swinkels, Marcus Berliant
metrics: Werner Ploberger, James Morley, Sid Chib, Sebastian Galiani
Ph.D. in Economics, 2012, (Washington U in St Louis)
Committee: Steve (chair)Rody, Costas

B. Soc Sci and M. Phil in Economics, 2007 (Chinese U of Hong Kong)
Friedrich: wanderer above the sea of fog