t-Igpet for modeling igneous processes 11/30/2018

Mac OSX Mojave may soon require a new version of tIgpet (future)
Additional security is planned for Apple's Mojave OSX. This will require a new Mac version but current version, tIgpet64 is fine for now.

64 bit and 32 bit versions of Mac tIgpet (Nov 2018)
All Mac Apps will have to transition to 64 bit versions. The Igpet teaching Apps made this transition in November 2018. The 64 bit Apps were compiled on a MacBook Air running Mojave (OSX 10:14.1)

The 64 bit Apps are in Files to Download as a zip file called tIgpet_64. For older Mac OSX machines  legacy 32 bit versions of the Apps are in Files to Download as a zip file called tIgpet32. Try the 64 bit version first!

Update for the Mac Sierra OSX (27 Feb 2017)
A new security feature, called translocation, requires a more complicated installation for the Mac software.  There are two downloads, one for the Apps and one for the support files. The first, tIgpetApps goes to the Applications folder. The second, IgpetDocs, goes to the Documents folder.

t-Igpet versus Igpet
t-Igpet is software in Windows and Mac versions for making multi-element forward models of common Igneous processes including, fractional and equilibrium crystallization, a variety of partial melting models, assimilation and magma mixing. The t- indicates that these versions of Igpet are free. They are intended primarily for students but also for trial use by professionals who are considering purchasing the professional version of Igpet. The t-Igpet implementation provides bit-mapped diagrams whereas the professional implementation provides vector diagrams that can be modified in illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

t-Igpet makes it easy to examine and analyze a comprehensive Igneous data set. Examination starts with simple diagrams that provide IUGS recommended nomenclature (TAS and QPAF diagrams) and other common discrimination diagrams  such as AFM and SiO2 versus K2O. Numerous other diagrams attempt to define the tectonic setting of the rocks using weathering resistant trace elements. 

After identifying the rocks, the next step is to determine the igneous processes responsible for the geochemical variation within a rock suite and the suite's overall composition. By comparison with published examples, many igneous processes can be tentatively identified. However, numerical testing of hypotheses is essential and t-Igpet makes it easy. Theses and research reports at all levels will be strengthened by the tools provided in t-Igpet.

Suggestions for use
Several files are available in the FILES TO DOWNLOAD link at the top left of this page. Before downloading and installing the software, please at least glance at supporting documents; the Manual, IgpetEvolution and the Workbook. Notice that the Manual has a Tutorial starting on Page 1. The Tutorial is the easiest way to learn the basic use of the software. All software requires a learning curve, try the Tutorial, it will save you time and expose you to most of the tools in Igpet. 

A very long introduction to the Manual is a first attempt to describe advanced features and explain the inner workings of Igpet. This Introduction was expanded into IgpetEvolution which provides the best descriptions of Igpet, including many algorithms.  Most of the algorithms in Igpet came from the equations in Introduction to Geochemical Modeling (Albarede, 1995) so Igpet is a toolbox for implementing basic numerical petrology/geochemistry.

The Workbook (written in 2016) is an attempt to show how to use Igpet. It has a dozen exercises that span entry level to advanced use. Consider the Workbook a valuable extension of the Tutorial because it leads you through most of the advanced features of Igpet and emphasizes that forward models can prove hypotheses wrong but, by their nature, do not lead to a single correct answer.

There is a publication on Igpet. Please download this article from the downloads page and cite is as appropriate.
Carr, MJ, and E Gazel, 2017. Igpet software for modeling igneous processes: examples of application using the open educational version. Miner Petrol 111:283–289 DOI 10.1007/s00710-016-0473-z

Finally, the computer code for the two most important calculations in Igpet are provided as text (.txt) files in the Xojo language (an object oriented language that evolved from BASIC).

Installation Instructions
Mac software 
New security rules require installation to two folders; one to Applications, another to Documents.
First, download two zip files, tIgpet64.zip and IgpetDocs.zip. Next, unzip them with a double-click. Finally, use Finder to place the unzipped folders in the locations specified.

Apps download: tIgpet64.zip.  Download this file, unzip it and place the resulting folder in Applications.  (you may wish to create shortcuts for the Desktop)
Support download: IgpetDocs.zip.  Download this file, unzip it and place the resulting folder in Documents. It MUST be placed in the Documents folder
Manual download: IgpetMacManual.docx (also in IgpetDocs)
A Mac accessory:  PTfO2_Mac.zip  is also available. 

(The following workaround should not be needed as of Feb 2017)
Macs have a Gatekeeper that may prevent earlier versions of tIgpet apps from running. As of Dec 30, 2016, the tIgpet apps have code signing which should allow them to be approved by Gatekeeper, although a mild warning will occur at first use. In case the code signing is not working, the instructions below (will) may allow you to use tIgpet.
If Gatekeeper forbids you to run a tIgpet app, the workaround is to temporarily change your security setting to "Anywhere." Exactly how to do this may vary with operating system. For El Capitan (OSX10.11.6) do the following. To get to "Anywhere" click the Apple symbol at the top left of the screen, then click System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy. In the window that appears, click on the lock in the lower left, then enter your password. Now modify the "Allow apps downloaded from:" section by clicking the radio button next to "Anywhere." Click the lock again to close it. Exit System Preferences.

Now open and run each of the apps in the Igpet folder. Just start each App and then quit.

Finally, reopen System Preferences, return to the security settings and change the "Allow apps downloaded from:" selection to "Mac App Store and identified developers".  Close System Preferences and explore tIgpet.

Windows software 

The downloads are:     IgpetWindows_Setup_suggestions.pdf  (read this first)
Move the setup file to the Desktop. Unzip it, then doubleclick the resulting SetupIgpet_Win_2018_Teaching.exe file and follow the instructions.

In Windows 10 some icons may not be properly loaded to the Start Menu. If that occurs, open File Explorer and navigate to this folder:
This PC >  Windows (C) > Program Files (x86) > Igpet_Win_2018_Teaching
 or more accurately,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Igpet_Win2018_Teaching

Make shortcuts for CiPWPlus, Mixing and Igpet. Place the shortcuts on the desktop and then move them to wherever you like.