Igpet latest update: 30 November 2018

Nov 2018
The Mac version of Igpet is now updated to 64 bit Apps compiled under Mojave (OSX 10.14.1). Apps are approved by Apple's Gatekeeper and installation requires two separate folders to be downloaded and saved. 

April 2017 The Igpet paper is now published
Carr, MJ, and E Gazel, 2017. Igpet software for modeling igneous processes: examples of application using the open educational version. Miner Petrol 111:283–289 DOI 10.1007/s00710-016-0473-z

Algorithms for Spider Mixing and Modeling (21 May 2016)
The SpiModCalcs and SpiMixCalcs text files have the  XoJo code for the algorithms used in Igpet's multi-element mixing and modeling. These are the core of Igpet, listed in relatively simple computer code. 

Evolution of Igpet, a Graphics and Modeling Program for Igneous Petrology (21 May 2016)
This self published paper describes how Igpet evolved. It includes most of the algorithms used to make forward and inverse models. Anyone using Igpet should read this to better understand what is going on under the surface. Download the file IgpetEvolution below.

Igpet Workbook (30 Nov 2015)
A workbook with 12 igneous petrology problems for beginning to advanced levels. Suitable for customization! Download for free below.

New programming (4 July 2014) quadratic and cubic polynomial regression for XY plots
Quadratic and cubic regressions are useful in some cases and are now available. Minor improvements and one repair in November/December 2014 and January 2015.

Mac version was greatly improved on June 15, 2013
The old and inadequate PICT file output was replaced by pdf output. Adobe Illustrator (Ai) seamlessly reads the new Igpet diagrams. The more recent versions of Microsoft Office do not like to read vector diagrams. The vector reading menu (insert picture from file) now hides under the Insert/Photo menu. The inserted diagrams are vectors but they will not ungroup. This is a Microsoft choice as far as I know and a bad choice. The important points are:
  • the new diagrams are of excellent quality without touch up
  • real graphics programs like Ai easily accept the new pdf output

Igpet: a modeling and graphics package for Igneous Petrology

I began creating software for igneous petrology in graduate school, more than 40 years ago. Once personal computers arrived, the software got complicated enough that I could no longer justify the time involved so, in 1985, I made a business, Terra Softa. I maintain four programs and provide them in a package called Igpet. Igpet is the core program, but there is also a Mixing program (calculates fractional crystallization and magma mixing using least squares), and a CIPW program. I consider the CIPW freeware. There is also a PTfO2Fe utility that adjusts the Fe oxides as a function of P, T, fO2. I may add another utility, one that creates KML files that plot points (e.g. sample locations) in Google Earth.

Examine the Igpet Gallery of images posted below. Click the down-pointing arrow on the right side. The image gallery is the quickest introduction to Igpet's capabilities. Some Word versions may lower the image quality so check the pdf files below for an accurate view of the Mac graphics output. The Windows graphics are of comparable quality and have been excellent for many years.

For a better idea of what is in Igpet, download the Igpet Paper (2017) and the Igpet Manual below. Click the down-pointing arrows on the right side. For more details, examine the IgpetEvolution manuscript.

To Purchase Igpet

Igpet is available from RockWare Inc. and Terra Softa Inc. (aka Michael Carr)
To order from RockWare, Click this link for RockWare

To order from Terra Softa, contact me:  carrvolcano at gmail dot com
PayPal is convenient for payment to Terra Softa. I just ask PayPal to send an Invoice. 

Checks and PO's also work.
Checks and POs for direct orders from Terra Softa should be made out to:
Terra Softa Inc.
155 Emerson Rd.
Somerset, NJ 08873 USA

Terra Softa's academic prices are:
$199 - single user (student discount available, contact MJ Carr via email)
$398 - site license for Windows or Mac 
$498 - site license for both Windows and Mac platforms
$15 handling (waived if you send a check or use PayPal)

Terra Softa's standard prices for government agencies and industry are:
$299 for a single user (student discounts available from MJ Carr)
$498 for a site licence for Windows or Mac
$598 -for a double site license (i.e. for both Windows and Mac platforms)
$15 handling (waived if you send a check or use PayPal)

Upgrade prices                
within two years:
academic/individual: $49 for a single user, $198 for a site license, $218 for a double site license
Gov't/Industry:         $99 for a single user, $249 for a site license, $269 for a double site license

within 3-5 years 
academic/individual: $149 for a single user, $298 for a site license, $338 for a double site license
Gov't/Industry:         $249 for a single user, $398 for a site license, $438 for a double site license

beyond 5 years: $20 discount

After setting up the purchase contact Carr via email:   carrvolcano at gmail dot com and you will receive a dropbox link that will be valid for a short period of time.

The Windows version is 32 bit so it should end up in the Program Files (x86) directory. It works in Windows 10 on a SurfacePro II as well as it has on previous versions of Windows.

Here are a few of Igpet's features. The downloads below give a more complete picture.

  • Harker, Fenner, CMAS, SPIDER, and REE  plots.
  • Discrimination diagrams for rock types and tectonic settings
  • Publication quality output for transfer to draw programs
  • Simple data format with easy transfer of data to/from Excel
  • CIPW norms within Igpet; fractional crystallization and magma mixing calculations in Mixing.exe
  • Simple X-Y plots that allow Melt modeling, AFC modeling, hyperbolic mixing, linear regression
  • Mixing, Melting and AFC modeling of multiple elements and isotope ratios simultaneously using the element suite in popular spider-diagrams - this is where Igpet gets powerful!

                                                                    TO DOWNLOAD 
                                                                        Click one of the 
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