Welcome to Troop 165 Charlton, Massachusetts!

Celebrating 77 years of service!

A Morning Flag Raise at Camp Wonocksett

Troop 165 has been serving youth in Charlton and surrounding communities for more than 77 years and are sponsored by American Legion Post 391.


 The Troop has altered their cell phone policy a bit. This is due to the boys inability to stay off them during Troop meetings. The Senior Patrol has become increasing frustrated with a lack of focus due to the cell phone use.
     Cell phones will no longer be allowed upstairs during Troop meetings. Boys will have to leave them downstairs. They can leave them with their coats, books, Scoutmasters, binders, ect. If they are not comfortable
leaving them downstairs then they should leave them at home. 

Ben Thomas,
Mar 26, 2016, 10:53 AM