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Below is a list of my published papers.  For more recent preprints, see the ArXiv

Journal Articles:

A Note on the Akemann-Doner and Farah-Wofsey Constructions with Piotr Koszmider

Hereditary C*-Subalgebra Lattices with Charles A. Akemann

Traces, Ultrapowers and the Pedersen-Petersen C*-Algebras with Ilijas Farah

*-Annihilators in Proper *-Semigroups

Type Decomposition in Posets

The Projections Calculus

Filters in C*-Algebras

The Order on Projections in C*-Algebras of Real Rank Zero

MAD Families of Projections on l² and Real-Valued Functions on ω

Proceedings Articles:

Generalized Mathias Forcing


The first book published on von Neumann's Continuous Geometry was written in Japanese by Fumitomo Maeda.  Below is my English translation of the front and back matter, including the first and last sections of the book proper.
Continuous Geometry by Fumitomo Maeda

And here is a LaTeXed version of the corresponding parts of the original.
連續幾何學 前田文友