TRILOGY is two exceptionally talented musicians, and some guy standing around singing. After almost EIGHTEEN YEARS--and counting--of being able to keep doing what we love, we count ourselves among the luckiest people ever to pick up guitars.  Come see us at one of our next concerts!

Lead Vocals
Guitar (sort of...)

Brian Angelo found his way to the guitar in kind of an odd way. He said he just wanted to sing, and the radio wouldn't play anything he liked.  Plus, he only listened to the radio in the car, and nobody would ride with him because he wasn't a very good driver.  Eventually he figured out that if he carted around an acoustic guitar, he could find places to play where people would sometimes listen, and occasionally sing along.  A great bit of encouragement from family and friends, and that's all it took.  

When he's not being carried (musically, of course) by the vastly superior talents of Jeff and Jim, he can be found in the company of his lovely wife Stella and his beloved children, and taking care of many other activities, some of which are linked at ...

Lead Guitar
Lead and Backing Vocals
Instrument Manufacturing
Sound mixing
Jeff Hickox sometimes has the nerve to call other people in the band "geek." But Jeff is among the most talented of all of the lead guitar players in the entire band. He'll never admit this, of course; the guy simply doesn't know how to take a compliment. On top of that, his name is the answer to the second most asked question at all of the Trilogy shows: "dude, what kind of guitar is that?" (The MOST asked question is "you guys know any Tom Petty?"). In addition to scribing his name into the guitars he and Brian usually play, Jeff is responsible for making sure that the sound is the best the band can possibly provide. He is, in fact, the guy who "mixed that sound on stage so the band could hear," if you're familiar with the old Jackson Browne song.  Google it. 

Jeff lives somewhere in the wilds of Geauga County with his wife Sue, one of the most dedicated fans any band could hope to have.  In their spare time they are both distance runners, or as some other members of the band pronounce it, "overachievers." 

Bass Guitar
Backing Vocals
Giant Speaker Hauling
Airflow Management
Jim Nestor
has been described as having the toughest job in local music.  In fact, he describes it that way to the rest of the band regularly.  But consider this--Jim is the entire rhythm section for a band playing songs often (almost always) performed with a drummer.  Since the rest of Trilogy refuses to hire a drummer to help Jim out (after all, the name wouldn't fit if there were four of them), he is responsible to make sure that the band stays on the same song--no small challenge since Brian has no natural rhythm. In addition to this heavy responsibility, Jim has for eleven long years been the keeper of Trilogy's giant speakers.  He keeps threatening to leave them at home some time, so to keep him from doing that, the rest of the group actively encourages him to sit down during the show, a privilege reserved only to him. As a final bit of trivia, many people don't know that the storied history of Trilogy traces its roots to a jam session in Jim's basement sometime in 2000; that basement is still a favorite place to play when they're not out on the stage. 

When Jim isn't keeping the rest of the band in line, he's working his day job, throwing a mean game of disc golf, and keeping house with his wife Peggy--who let the band practice in her home in the early days. Which may qualify her for sainthood.