Our Nursery

Here at Triangle Day Nursery our policy is to promote non-discriminatory practices relating to creed, race, gender and ability.

Our Facilities

Each room is well equipped with resources, which allow children to learn through their own efforts and discovery.  The trained staff are committed to providing a curriculum that responds to the individual needs of the children and one which reflects our changing society.

Play is a child's way of learning new skills and we want to create a stimulating and fun environment in which they can learn and discover for themselves.

We have a home corner for fantasy and imaginative play, a book corner for reflection and pre reading skills, and a messy/wet area for creativity.  There is also a wide variety of toys and equipment to encourage physical, mental and problem solving skills.

Outside Area

Each room has direct access onto the garden area where there is an attractive landscaped garden combining grass with an all weather surface and soft impact surfacing for the climbing and swing apparatus. 


Care of Babies

The baby room has separate areas for sleeping, nappy changing and preparing milk.  Every effort has been made to ensure that your baby will feel loved and emotionally secure with a key person dedicated to responding to each child's individual needs.

Admissions Policy

We try to offer places on first come first served basis from the waiting list. We do try to give priority to parents who already have children attending the nursery. 

As we only have six places for under two’s, parents wanting baby places may experience a long waiting period.  We do offer part-time places (a few days per week) but these are limited, so please ask the manager (Beverley Hall) for more details.


The mid-day meal is provided by outside caterers with snacks and drinks prepared by staff at the nursery.  The menus will try to reflect the cultural diversity of the children.