About TreksandTrips.com

The menu to the left lists links to some of my favorite trips and hikes.  I aim to give just enough information to whet your appetite, links to pursue planning your own exploration of a previously unvisited corner of the world, and suggested reading for background context, inspiration, and logistical assistance.  After all, half the fun of being there is the imagination and work it takes to get there.

Also, I developed this site in homage and payback to all the fruitful, desperate Google searches I've made in the wee hours of the night, planning for touch-downs in distant lands.  So if you are a virtual stranger needing more advice or perspective, please, contact me.  I also encourage YOU to send me your feedback.

"Which are your favorite hi
kes?," people ask me.  As diplomatic moms say, I can honestly claim that each was special in its own way. When pressed, I say I think about them primarily in terms of region, distance, wilderness vs. rural vs. skirting via villages/towns, and required gear (such as carrying my own food or tent).  Some rephrase the question: "Are there any you'd do again?" The answer to that is: NOT YET.  One of the reasons I enjoy hiking (including solo) is so I can sponge up every minute; retaining those memories makes me less reluctant about visiting brand new destinations.

Happy adventuring!

Rucker Alex