Welcome to the TRB AKT10 (formerly AFD10) Committee Website

Committee Scope:

This committee is concerned with the development, evaluation, integration and application of existing and new systems of pavement management and the component concepts and models for all types of pavements. This includes the development, assessment and application of new and existing methods and procedures directed toward a better understanding and description of pavements as a whole and the interrelationships among all factors which influence pavement behavior and performance and which must be taken into consideration in making pavement management decisions, including such factors as loads, environment, strategy alternatives, economics, construction and maintenance.

Committee Chair:

Dr. Linda Pierce, PhD, PE


TRB Staff Representative:

Dr. James Bryant, PhD, PE


Committee Research Coordinator:

Dr. Carlos M. Chang Albitres, PhD, PE


Committee Communications Coordinator:

Mr. Nima Kargah-Ostadi, PhD, PE