"Traveling Sourdough says NO to industrial yeast, baking or flavor enhancers.

We just use flour, water and salt!"

- Markus Mager, Baker & Owner

The ingredients under each bread's name tell you what's in it. That's it, nothing else is added besides our love and passion for good bread. At Traveling Sourdough we bake with non-GMO flour from Montana Milling (organic), Wheat Montana and King Arthur, and we are currently looking into local and/or organic flour options in and around Richmond. All of my breads are vegan.

6+1 bread types - choose your adventure!

Commuter - "Weissbrot"

Mild and light but with a great consistency, this bread is ideal for french toast or sandwiches like PB&J.

Ingredients: wheat flour enriched, organic rye flour, water and salt


Townie - "Mischbrot"

This chewy bread, which is Markus' all-time favorite, was created in honor of Germany and "tastes like home."

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, organic rye flour, wheat flour enriched, water and salt


Villager - "Schwarzbrot"

The Villager is our densest loaf. If you like rye, you will love this bread.

Ingredients: organic rye flour, wheat flour enriched, caraway seeds, water and salt


Biker - "Vollkornbrot"

One word, carbs! This delicious bread offers an extra boost of carbohydrates to sustain your energy.

Ingredients: organic rye flour, whole wheat flour, wheat flour enriched, organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, water and salt


A taste of the Mediterranean. This light and flavorful Olive-Sesame seed loaf makes for great savory sandwiches, tastes excellent toasted, or just with butter.

Ingredients: wheat flour enriched, organic rye flour, olives, sesame seeds, water and salt



If somebody gets married in the bread ingredient world, it is probably Garlic & Rosemary - they are absolutely meant for one another. So we could not resist and make a bread in their honor.

Ingredients: wheat flour enriched, organic rye flour, garlic, rosemary, water and salt



Every month Traveling Sourdough plays around with new ingredients to create a new bread adventure, the "Explorer of the Month".

Ingredients include different flours, seeds, vegetables, spices or whatever we can imagine. If you have an idea for something and want us to explore, great, let us know and we'll be more than happy to try it out.