Injinji Midweight

I have a new best friend. The Injinji Midweight Mini Crew. It has a more cushioned sole than the Original Performance Injinji but still has the quality coolmax fabric we are used to. They feel a little more substantial than the Performance series. And for ultras the extra padding in the sole gives a little more comfort. This can mean they are a little slower to dry but it is worth it.

I wore a pair when I ran the Great Dividing Trail. I poured in a generous serving of BlisterShield before I started and then 53+hours later still no blisters. I ended up crashing in a motel room for the second night so I got to take them off and wash my feet but I didn’t bother washing my Injinjis (didn’t have anymore BlisterShield) and they slipped on fine, albeit a little caked in mud, the next morning.

Narelle from Injinji Australia warned me they might become my new favourite when she sent me a pair to try out. She wasn’t wrong. I am a Midweight convert.