Election Information and Forms

The Town of New Diggings holds elections whenever required by the Wisconsin State Elections Board. Voting hours at the Town Hall in Lead Mine are from 7:00 AM thru 8:00 PM on the election day.

New Diggings Town Hall

26897 Aetna Rd.

Benton, WI 53803

Aaron Wiegel

New Diggings Clerk

4835 Bennett Rd.

Benton, WI 53803

(608) 482-2116


Voter Registration

Voters must be registered in order to vote. Proof of Residence (see Page 2) must accompany the application unless you are a military or permanent overseas voter. The Town Clerk has the latest Poll List in hand and can check your registration status.

A voter registration form can be downloaded below.

EL-131 Voter Registration Application 2018-10.pdf

Absentee Voting

If you want to vote, but cannot attend on election day, you can request an absentee ballot up to five days before election day.

The quickest and easiest way to vote by absentee ballot is to schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk before 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the election.

In person voting allows you complete the absentee application, copy your photo ID, and cast your ballot in about 10 minutes.

Voting by U.S. mail is also available. An absentee ballot application must be completed to receive a ballot

*****PHOTO ID***** Most voters must include a copy of a valid Photo ID (See Page 2) with the completed Absentee Application.

The Absentee Ballot Application can be downloaded below.

EL-121 Absentee Ballot Application 2018-10.pdf