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Hi I'm Michal Toth.

from the Slovak_Republic. Born on July 20th 1960 in Handlova though I lived in Prievidza during all of my childhood. When I was young, my mother worked in Bojnice castle and so I thought we own it :-). Currently I work in SSE-D where I came from the Research_Institute_of_Transportation - in the town of Zilina which is the third bigest town in the country. I like to sing in our Slovak Youth Choir - EBEN EZER and in Zilina_Mixed_Choir and I hope that you will like our new multimedial CD recording (EE). I have finished Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of our "alma mater" - Comenius University in Bratislava and King's Bible College in Scotland. I also finished most of the courses of the BEE International and few courses of the Oracle University. I have got married to Alina Tothova from the Czech Republic in St. Aldates Church in Oxford (Oxfordshire) and celebrated our marriage in the Stanton House.


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