Topraj Gurung has worked at Google, at Facebook and two startups. He got his PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013. He was advised by Prof Jarek Rossignac and Prof David Frost. Topraj is currently based in Kathmandu.

He has extensive experience in programming competitions. He believes it is a wonderful tool to teach computer science in a fun way! He has been involved with the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) (as a competitor (two times World Finalist), coach, problem writer, judge, contest organizer), Topcoder (competitor, handle: tgu), and Google Code Jam (editorial writer).

Many many years ago, he invested numerous years in the fine art of guitar soloing and he still fires up his electric guitar once in a while. He is an avid basketball (NBA) fan and shoots an occasional jump shot.

Topraj is originally from Nepal. He is passionate about education and technology, and is focused on helping the developing world with that combination. This passion led to the formation of the Gyan Initiative.