Qiao-Chu "Tony" He

Assistant Professor

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Phone: (704) 687-6060 (office)

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Ph.D. in Operations Research, UC Berkeley.                                   (September 2011 - June 2016)

B.S.E. Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.                                       (September 2007- June 2011)


@WalmartLabs (2015), Schlumberger-Doll Research (2014)

Current research interests:

Methodologies: games with incomplete information, stochastic models, applied optimization.

Applications: transportation systems and logistics, socially responsible and sustainable operations, data-driven decisions making.


Qiao-Chu He, Yun Yang, and Baosen Zhang. “Information management for decentralized energy storages under market uncertainties”. Under review. arXiv

Qiao-Chu He, Tao Hong. “Integrated facility location and production scheduling in multi-generation energy systems”. Under review. draft

Qiao-Chu He. “Virtual items trade in online social games”. International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 187, May 2017, Pages 1-14. Link

     Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen, and Rhonda Righter. “Learning with projection effects in service operations systems”. Under review.

 Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen. “Revenue-maximizing pricing and scheduling strategies in service systems with flexible customers”. Under review.

Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen. “Dynamic pricing of digital products with consumer reviews”. Under review.

Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen, and Zuo-Jun Shen. “On the formation of farmer producer organizations in developing economies”. Under revision. draftprevious

Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen, and Zuo-Jun Shen. “Selling investment goods in developing economies with present-biased consumers”. Under review. draft

Zhaosheng Zhang, et al. (2013) “A study on the method for cleaning and repairing the probe vehicle data”. IEEE Trans. on ITS, 14(1): 419-427.

Yun Yang, Qiaochu He, and Xiaolin Hu (2012). “A compact neural network for training support vector machines”. Neurocomputing, 86: 193-198.

In progress:

with Guangrui Ma, Mitigating Poverty through Solar Panels Adoption in Developing Economies.

with Yuguang Wu and Xin Wang, Revenue Management in Parking Systems under Competition and Information Asymmetries.

with Xiang Zhong,  Readmission Management through Eliminating Compliance Barriers for COPD Patients.