Photoshop Tips and Tricks

5Here is a selection of links to Photoshop tips and tricks I have added as blogs.

This tutorial uses Photoshop to take an open image, resize it to fit within the projector size (keeping the original image proportions). It can also add one or two borders of any chosen colour. The actual size of the embedded image is very slightly smaller than the projector / output image size in order to allow any border to project correctly. Finally the re-sized image is saved as a new image. The current image size used is 1400 x 1050 pixels ,but any size could be specified. Also if you don't have Photoshop the principles should be the same.

Some times and image is not quite orientated correctly. For instance the horizon a a little out of horizontal. OK we could just rotate the image but doing so you will loose a bit of the image after cropping including any important bit near the edge.. This tutorial shows how to do this and keep all of the original image.