Dr. Tony TUNG

Research Scientist Manager at Meta "Facebook"

Reality Labs - Research, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

I am a Researcher specialized in computer vision for 3D modeling and reconstruction of dynamic scenes (shape, appearance, motion). I currently work at Meta "Facebook" in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our projects include the creation of the next generation of virtual humans for AR/VR applications. I received my Ph.D. degree from Telecom Paris, France, and I was an Assistant Professor at Kyoto University, Matsuyama Lab., Japan. My past positions also include: Lead Scientist/Vice Group Manager at Rakuten, Tokyo, Japan (CV for e-commerce), R&D Engineer at Trimble, Paris area, France (3D laser scanner), and Software Engineer at Alcatel, Paris area, France (mobile services).

Publication List: HERE

Contact: tony2ng _at_ gmail.com



  • (Oct) Two ECCV 2022 papers accepted!

  • Best Paper Honorable Mention Award with PoseNDF: Modelling Human Pose Manifolds with Neural Distance Fields

  • Free-Viewpoint RGB-D Human Performance Capture and Rendering


  • (Oct) 3DV 2021 paper on 3D reconstruction of humans in large capture space from sparse views!

  • (July) Two ICCV 2021 papers on accurate clothed human reconstruction using deep implicit functions: ARCH++ and NeuralGIF!

  • (June) Invited speaker at the 3rd "3D Scene Understanding" workshop, held at CVPR21 [link]

  • (Feb) CVPR 2021 paper on High-Resolution Editable Textures accepted

  • (Jan-) Welcome to Tiantian Wang (Research Intern, PhD student from UC Merced, USA)!

  • SPC for IJCAI21, Reviewer for CVPR21, ICCV21, 3DV21.., Demo and Exhibition Chair, Area Chair of 3DV 2021


  • (Aug) Invited Speaker at the First “3D Poses in the Wild” Challenge, held at ECCV 2020. Talk on "The Next-Gen Virtual Humans": [link]

  • (July) “TexMesh” paper accepted at ECCV 2020 (27%) [arXiv]

  • (July) “SIZER” paper accepted at ECCV 2020 as Oral presentation (2% out of 5025 submissions) [ArXiv][video]

  • (Jun) Michael Abrash’s talk at the Computer Vision for AR/VR workshop at CVPR 2020 about some of our efforts on physically correct human avatars [video][uploadvr]

  • (Feb) "ARCH: Animatable Reconstruction of Clothed Humans" paper accepted at CVPR 2020 (Acceptance rate: 1470/6656 = 22.08%) [arXiv][video][venturebeat]

  • Reviewer for CVPR20, ECCV20, 3DV20, BMVC20,..., Publicity Chair for 3DV20


  • (Oct) Attending ICCV19 in Seoul, South Korea

  • (Sep-) Welcome to Yinghao Huang (Research Intern, PhD Student from MPII, Germany)!

  • (July 22) ”DenseRaC” paper accepted at ICCV 2019 as Oral presentation (4.3% acceptance rate out of 4303 submissions)! [arXiv][video]

  • (July-) Welcome to Dr. Yuanlu Xu (Research Scientist, from UCLA)!

  • (June-) Welcome to Dr. Nikolaos Sarafianos (Research Scientist, from Univ. of Houston)!

  • (June-) Welcome to Zerong Zheng (Research Intern, PhD student from Tsinghua Univ., China)!

  • (June) Attending CVPR19 in Long Beach, CA, USA —> we are recruiting!

  • (May-) Welcome to Zeng Huang (Research Intern, PhD student from USC, USA)!

  • (May-) Welcome to Junbang Liang (Research Intern, PhD student from UNC, USA)!

  • (May-) Welcome to Jing Li (Research Intern, PhD student from Univ. of Utah, USA)!

  • (May 1st) Check out our team effort on Virtual Human creation presented at the F8's keynote: [F8 2019: VR Full-Body Avatars]

  • Reviewer for CVPR19, ICCV19, BMVC19, SIGGRAPH19, 3DV19, WACV19, ICCV-3DRW19,...


  • (Dec) Attending Siggraph Asia 18 in Tokyo, Japan

  • (Sep-) Welcome to Jinlong Yang (Research Intern, PhD student from Morpheo group, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, France)!

  • (Sep) Attending ECCV18 in Munich, Germany

  • (Aug) Attending Siggraph 2018 in Vancouver, Canada

  • (July-) Welcome to Dr. Tuur Stuyck (Postdoc Research Scientist, from Pixar)!

  • (July 6) “DeepWrinkles” paper accepted at ECCV 2018 as Oral presentation (2.4% acceptance rate out of 2439 submissions)! [paper][video]

  • (June-) Welcome to Yuanlu Xu (Research Intern, PhD student from UCLA)!

  • (June) Attending CVPR18 in South Lake City, Utah —> we are recruiting!

  • (May-) Welcome to Chao Li (Research Intern, PhD student from University of Texas at Dallas)!

  • (May-) Welcome to Nikolaos Sarafianos (Research Intern, PhD student from University of Houston)!

  • (May 7) Oculus Research has been renamed Facebook Reality Labs!

  • Appointed Publication Chair of IAPR MVA19 (Machine Vision and Application), main computer vision conference in Japan to be held in Tokyo in May 2019

  • Reviewer for CVPR18, ECCV18, BMVC18, 3DV18, ACCV18, ECCV-3DRW18


  • (Sep-) Welcome to Nadia Robertini (Research Intern, PhD student from Graphics, Vision & Video Group, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany)!

  • (Sep-) Welcome to Zorah Lähner (Research Intern, PhD student from Computer Vision Group, Technical University Munich, Germany)!

  • (Sep) Associate Editor of IEICE Trans. Information and Systems, special issue on Machine Vision and its Applications

  • (Aug) Attending SIGGRAPH17 in Los Angeles, CA

  • (Jul) Attending CVPR17 in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • (Jun-) Welcome to Vignesh Ganapathi-Subramanian (Research Intern, PhD student from Leo Guibas Lab, Stanford University)!

  • Reviewer for the French National Research Agency (ANR)

  • Reviewer for CVPR17, ICCV17, BMVC17, 3DV17


  • (Dec) Pano2CAD paper accepted at IEEE WACV 2017

  • (Sep) Pano2CAD paper on arXiv (Rakuten's project) [pub]

  • (Jul) AR Furniture Shopping (Rakuten's project) was presented at SIGGRAPH2016 [pub]

    • TV news (05/03) [video]

    • Web news (04/27) [link]

    • Rakuten news (04/26) [link]

  • (Jun) Attending CVPR --> We are recruiting!

  • (Apr) I joined Facebook / Oculus Research as a Research Scientist in San Francisco, USA

  • 7 patents filed with Rakuten

  • Reviewer for CVPR16, ECCV16, ACCV16, 3DV16, PG16, IJCV, CGF, IEEE SPL

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