What We Offer

We provide professional tutoring that caters to Preliminary and HSC students of all abilities and levels (from top Band 6 students to the highly challenged student). 

We can help to decode task requirements and examination questions. We also mark practice exam questions for our students according to established HSC guidelines and provide suggestions for developing improved answers. This practice helps each student to develop their own techniques and strategies for 
examination success

We follow a flexible study program that is tailored to your needs and can be either student-led (where the student brings questions to the teacher to be solved) or teacher-led (where the teacher provides the questions) or a combination of both. We have a detailed understanding of syllabus requirements and have developed many useful resources during our 12 years of teaching the current syllabus. 

We will show you how to maximise the use of online
 resources and the most effective ways to study. 

Tutoring tailored totally to your needs is available through one-to-one Chemistry tutoring. Tutoring is also available for small groups of 2 or 3  students at discounted rates.                                                 

Head start workshops, which provide students with an opportunity to develop the skills that will be needed for the following term's work, are available in the School Holidays. 

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