See what Tom's Home Renovations' customers have to say about us:

"When I hire a contractor I need total honesty, a genuinely dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, SKILL, and most of all - I need someone who will work on the project daily until it is finished. Tom's Home Renovations has ALL THAT and more. Tom did a 3-month kitchen and new master suite renovation for me that was done on time, with outstanding quality, and with a positive, hard-working, friendly attitude on the part of everyone. I will have Tom's Home Renovations do our next project - we are saving up our money and I can't wait. Everyone that sees our kitchen and new master suite has nothing but praise and compliments - even from other experienced contractors! When the builders in your life say it's excellent, you KNOW it is! If you want an honest, hard-working contractor that can do anything with a smile and skill, and will show up regularly without ditching you for another project, then Tom's Home Renovations is for YOU."

-Patsy Eldridge, South Hamilton

"In working as a realtor I am often asked by my buyer, seller and corporate clients for a contractor referral. Over the past 4 years I have given out Tom Clackett's name with confidence to the delight of many of my clients. From winterizing homes for relocation companies to complete kitchen & bathroom remodeling, Tom continues to deliver competitive prices and top-notch work to my clients."

-Ryan Persac, Boston Realtor


"Tom's Home Renovation has been a pleasure to work with.  As a local developer in the community, I look for a contractor that I can trust and depend upon.  I have always experienced fair pricing, quality work, and timely delivery of the finished product with THR.  Tom is always accessible and easy to communicate with.  I've also never felt "nickel and dimed" if minor changes occurred during any of the projects that I had him complete for me.   I have interviewed other contractors for my work, but I have decided only to work with Tom's Home Renovation moving forward.  Establishing quality relationships are paramount in this business and this is a contractor that is worth getting to know."

-Jason Burrell, Collingham Partners, LLC


"I first used Tom's Home Renovations when I was completing a gut rehab of a multi-family home. I was having issues with my current contractor and called Tom's Home Renovations to finish the job. They showed up on time, did good work and were professional and friendly. Since then I have had work come up every few months and have always called Tom's Home Renovations."

-Rachel Edwards, East Boston

"I have known Tom Clackett for over 7 years.  He replaced the sill and front of my building in Waltham; installed a bathroom, replaced windows, and added a wood floor in an East Boston building; and re-covered a flat roof on a house in Newton.  He has always done excellent work, on time and on budget."

-Allyson Gray, East Boston

"It all comes down to trust. When choosing a contractor, you want someone you can trust to do good, quality work. Someone who is ethical, honest, and trustworthy. Tom Clackett is someone I trust implicitly. I have hired him to work on everything from complete home renovations of historic homes to small bathroom remodels. Tom does what he says and says what he does. Tom's knowledge is amazing. He is a great problem-solver, and he always thinks of practical solutions. He always keeps the customer in mind. I never worry about getting taken advantage of because I know that Tom chooses the best solutions. He works extremely hard and takes great pride in his work.
You will never regret hiring Tom Clackett."

-Rob Pyles, East Boston

"Rarely does one find a contractor, whether you are a homeowner, developer, or contract supervisor working on a small project or the construction of a commercial multi-use building, that shows up on time, comes within budget, and finishes the project as projected. I have worked with Tom for five years on several projects, whether my own Villa on Boston Harbor, or properties I manage for clients around New England and can equivocally say I would recommend his expertise and attention to detail."


-Nelson Emmons,Commercial Real Estate