Use Cases


  • Area-based Index of Demand (AID Index) - understanding the context of policing (for HMIC)
  • Predicting police demand
  • A video introducing our work on predicting demand can be found here.
  • Location based activity analysis
  • Predicting supply - officer numbers by time of day, and location


  • Understanding the impact of travel time on selecting retail outlets in the UK (for AUDI AG)
  • Predicting sales demand by area, and understanding deviations from expected performance in the UK

Supply Chain

  • Understanding supply chain delays, both locally and globally (for BMW AG)
  • Using unstructured data to de-risk a global supply chain (FT Feature)

Cloud Computing

  • Built up a secure, freely scaleable, and centralised computing infrastructure for our projects at Datacentred

Teaching Case Studies

“Financing Hollywood. The Case of Relativity Media”. Teaching note includes a dataset, and STATA code. ECCH case 113-027-1, 2013 (with Jeremy Grant)

“Optimising BMW's Supply Chain Using Enterprise 3.0 Concepts”. ECCH case 913-016-1, 2013 (with Li Li Amara)

“MetalBox – was the board right after all?” ECCH case 310-085-1, 2010 (with Jeremy Grant and Jan Bucher)