Use Cases


  • Predicting police demand in form of the Area-based Index of Demand (AID Index) - understanding the context of policing (for HMIC), with a video introducing our work on predicting demand can be found here.

  • Location based activity analysis.

  • Predicting supply - officer numbers by time of day, and location.

  • Determining the position of officers underground, and in real time. Unlimited scalable.

Anti-Money Laundering / Suspicious Transaction Detection

  • Several innovative and new detection mechanisms in real-time data flows.

  • Free & open cross-check tool for Sanctions/Pep/Panama Papers/Interpol lists:


  • Understanding the impact of travel time on selecting retail outlets in the UK (for AUDI AG).

  • Predicting sales demand by area, and understanding deviations from expected performance in the UK.

Supply Chain

  • Understanding supply chain delays, both locally and globally (for BMW AG).

  • Using unstructured data to de-risk a global supply chain (FT Feature).

  • Optimising information flow in firms.

Cloud Computing

  • Built up a secure, freely scalable, and centralised computing infrastructure for our projects at Datacentred.

Teaching Case Studies

“Danske Bank and the Money Laundering Scandal”. Available on SSRN, (with E. Bjerregaard)

“Financing Hollywood. The Case of Relativity Media”. Teaching note includes a dataset, and STATA code. ECCH case 113-027-1, 2013 (with Jeremy Grant)

“Optimising BMW's Supply Chain Using Enterprise 3.0 Concepts”. ECCH case 913-016-1, 2013 (with Li Li Amara)

“MetalBox – was the board right after all?” ECCH case 310-085-1, 2010 (with Jeremy Grant and Jan Bucher)