This page contains links to open source code that has been produced during my research, these toolboxes accompany some of the publications listed here:

TSCC: Time-Series Constrained Clustering (mixed) - a package of constrained clustering implementations using DTW and Euclidean distance measures.

Volume Change Estimation Package (R) - *coming soon* a package for determining volume change between from two LiDAR scans.

Agreement Analysis Toolbox (Matlab) - a set of functions for analysing the agreement between multiple annotators and to analyse detector performance in relation to different agreement levels and ground truths (provides functions to recreate the experiments presented in the paper "An Empirical Study into Annotator Agreement, Ground Truth Estimation, and Algorithm Evaluation"). This toolbox also contains implementations of methods to calculate ground truths from multiple annotations.

LIDC 2 Image Toolbox (Matlab) - for extracting individual annotations from the XML files and converting them, and the DICOM images, into TIF format for easier processing in Matlab (LIDC-IDRI dataset).

Precision Toolbox (Matlab) - for measuring Precision-Recall (P-R) curves, temporal P-R curves, integrated P-R curves, and weighted P-R curves (and to recreate the experiments presented in the paper "The Bane of Skew: Uncertain Ranks and Unrepresentative Precision").

STDetect (Matlab) - for detecting narrow-band frequency tracks in spectrograms.