-Satoshi Tokuda-

When I was 18 years old, I was shocked by the sound of "Ken Hamo" (You might call it Melodica in US) and started to play it. I played Ken Hamo at "The Ken Hamo Festival" hosted by Suzuki Musical Instrument . "Ikebukuro Jazz Festival", "Sumida Jazz Fest". I demonstrated my performance at "2018 instrument fair".which was Japan's largest instrument total event."Ken Hamo" is being talked about in public now. Because all the Japanese elementary school students are playing it in their classes.I am as a author,my book published recently. The book is actually called "1からはじめるケンハモ("Let's start playing Ken Hamo from zero")" From Suzuki Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.I have many seminars and concerts in various places in Japan.

得田 サトシ

18歳の時にケンハモ(鍵盤ハーモニカ)の音色に衝撃を受けケンハモを始める。ケンハモ奏者として、鈴木楽器主催ケンハモフェスティバルに出演。池袋ジャズフェス、墨田ジャズフェス出演。日本最大の楽器総合イベント 「2018楽器フェア」にてデモンストレーション演奏を行い各界から話題となる。鈴木楽器製作所から「1からはじめるケンハモ」を出版 。各地でセミナー、演奏会も多数。

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