Booking Info

  1. Where will I be performing?

  1. If you are interested in booking a show with me, this is the information that I need to know in order to quote you a fair price. Please read through this and either call me or email me with a complete a description of your event. If you can send me your show and budget information I can give you an honest price for a show that fits your needs. How long you want me to perform?

  1. How many costume changes?

  2. What sound system is needed?

  3. What type and size of audience will I be playing to? (Corporate, private, friends, customers, employees, etc…)

  4. What time and date is the show?

  5. Is there a clean, private, secure, changing facility or should I bring my own? My costumes cost between $700 and $2,500 each and a public restroom is not good enough. For some shows I am able to arrive ready to go, but I usually have to setup sound equipment or a band before the show.

Email me at:

Phone: 612-462-4697