Welcome to my personal web site.   I'm Dr. Todd Ell, husband, father, engineer (electrical & software), mathematician, scuba diver and cantor. 

I am my three children’s dad. At this point I am grand-father and foster-grandfather.

As an engineering fellow, I am employed in the design of inertial navigation, guidance and control systems. If you really want to know my qualifications then peek at my resume.

The nickname of 'Doctor Q' resulted from my intense interest in anything to do with quaternions. My personal research involves the study and application of the abstract quaternion algebra. In this area I am currently collaborating with Dr. Sangwine of the University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester United Kingdom and Dr. Le Bihan of the Grenoble-Image-Speech-Signal-Automatics Lab, National Centre for Scientific Research, Grenoble, France.   Quaternions have been used to solve a wide range of mathematical and engineering problems as is evidenced by the extensive bibliographic reference list, that spans over one hundred years!  

Being a semi-avid science fiction fan, I enjoy reading Ann McCaffery, H.G. Wells, James Hogan, Orson Scott Card and Piers Anthony. My cat’s name is Random Numbers in imitation of (copy-cat of?) a cat in one of the many books I’ve read.

And then there is singing and music. Now this is the delicate spice of life! I have sung solo as a church cantor and in a church choir. My current favorite music is The Dark Night of the Soul by Loreena McKennitt based on the poem by St. John of the Cross.

If you want to discuss SCUBA diving or quaternion mathematics, I can be reached at t.ell@ieee.org.

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