• Lecturer: Valentin Polishchuk  valentin.polishchuk@liu.se 
  • Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/tnk055liu/ 
  • Schedule: The class meets in TP 5021, Mon 13-15 on weeks 44-50
    • Few hours on MATLAB basics
    • Project E 
    • Exam (last but one class, full 1315-1500)
    • Last class: questions, image processing (time permitting)
    • Project T (done in groups of 2-4 students each)
  • Grading
    An exam, based on Project E, will be given at last but one class
    final=grade(e,t)%e,t are grades for the entries and terrain projects resp.
    if e~=5, final=2; else final=t;end


  • Welcome to the class! A word of caution: Information on this site is not final until the class starts
  • No Project T. Grading has changed


    Further material

    Recommended homework

    from Assignments in  MIT.OCW MATLAB course
    The howeworks are not graded but can be checked on demand.