Tom Needham

I am a Ross Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the Ohio State University. My research is in geometry and topology, with a focus on applications to the analysis of shape and data and to mathematical signal processing.

My work uses tools from Riemannian, symplectic and metric geometry, topological data analysis and optimal transport.

For more details, please see the Research page or my Curriculum Vitae (updated 11/28/18).

Contact me at needham.71 (at) osu (dot) edu

Upcoming Travel:

  • 12/10-12/14: Banff International Research Station, Workshop on Shape Analysis, Stochastic Mechanics and Optimal Transport
  • 1/16-1/20: 2019 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore
  • 1/27-1/30: Florida State University
  • 2/4: Data Science Seminar, University of Minnesota
  • 2/19: Geometric Analysis Seminar, University of Oregon