advanced pedal power                                                                                                   last updated 25 June 2013


Current Steed -- CarbonRecumbent SWB

The above is a CarbonRecumbent from Hungary. It is my fourth recumbent, bought in 2012 as a frame kit. I believe it is the only example in Australia (or south of the equator!).

  • 700C rear, 451 front wheels. The spoked multi-cross wheels are the best choice for all non-racing applications  due to lightness, compliance, and ride quality.
  • Very comfortable on choppy surfaces for a SWB recumbent. Vastly superior to my Greenspeed SWB in all aspects of dynamics and comfort.
  • Frame kit is all-carbon: main beam, forks, seat, steering stem, handlebars.
  • Extremely stiff frame yet smooth ride. Weight loss is not the primary focus of this carbon frame: it is optimized for efficiency and ride quality.
  • The relatively long wheelbase and above-seat steering make it easy to ride.
  • A great bike in sport and urban use. Also well suited to easy country rides and tours (with a touring rear tyre, and the 451 wheel with caliper brake swapped out for a fat-tyre 406 and v-brake -- the fork allows such conversion). 



Previous Steed -- Wilson LWB

The above is a Wilson Recumbent from Australia. It was my second/third recumbent (I bought a matching pair), 2002- 2011.

  • 700C wheels.
  • Very comfortable on choppy surfaces for a recumbent.
  • Ratio steering where the forks turn 20% more than the bars -- the steering link is a chain on different-size sprockets to get the ratio.
  • Extremely strong all-steel construction. 
  • The most stable, easy-to-learn 2-wheeled recumbent I have ridden. The upright seat and above-seat steering make it easy to ride.
  • A great bike in urban settings. Also well suited to easy country rides and tours. A lighter bike might be better for steep stuff, but it won't be as comfortable.


Previous Steed -- Greenspeed SWB 

The bike below is a rare Greenspeed GS2020. It was my first recumbent, 1993-2001.

  • Light, stiff and fast.
  • 5-speed mid drive and 7-speed rear derailleur for 35 speeds. 
  • Sachs drum brakes.
  • Sachs New Success drivetrain. 
  • 30 degree seat angle. 
  • Wheelbase was too short, with rear wheel tucked under the rider.
  • Unstable on steep hills. Front wheel would pop up with every hard pedal stroke.
  • My fastest ever commute to work was on this bike.