If you are interested in art and craft,
woodworking and photography,
you might like to wander around my site.
It is full of all the things I like to do and make.

Theresas Treasures
 at Derrymore


Progress photos of some projects
 and most recent projects shown there.
Carving gourds and trying out bone.
For Example  
       WoodworkingScrolling, carving, making boxes etc.
Jewellery - Wooden and metal
       Photography - Nature mainly
        Paintingwith pastels & acrylics 
        Needlework - Cross stitch, long stitch etc.
       A Collection of Words - Sayings, jokes etc.
        Bird WatchingAustralian birds 
       Enjoying the Australian Bush photography, birding, walking etc.

- Aranda bushland -

- Canberra, Australia -

I have uploaded many photos, which as they say
- are worth a thousand words -
so instead of rambling on I will let them tell you MY story !
If you want to know anything about a certain interest of mine,
or are interested in purchasing an item, my contact details are on the left .

- Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time here -